Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


36. The Envelope

Chapter 35

The Envelope

~Daisy’s POV~

I managed to get to start getting ready for school. I woke up to it was pouring rain. I couldn’t even see the road from my window. I still started getting ready. “Would you be okay if I drove you to school?” My dad asked as I walked into the kitchen.

“I’ll be fine with that,” I said.

We both went on making our own breakfast. I finished getting ready and met my dad downstairs. We drove in silence as we made our way to school.

As we pulled up there was clearly nobody standing outside. “Have a good day,” my dad said.

“I’ll see you later,” I told him and bolted out of the car and into the school. I made my way to my locker to find Marcel and Harry waiting. “Hey guys,” I said.

“Have you seen Niall? We haven’t heard or seen him since last night,” Marcel said.

“Not a word,” I informed him.

“We should call the cops after school if we still don’t hear from him,” Harry suggested.

The bell rung, letting everyone know class is starting in ten minutes.

“See ya, Harry,” I said.

“Later,” Marcel said as we walked walked to Mr.Andrews classroom.

“Come here please Daisy,” Mr.Andrews said as Marcel and I walked in.

Marcel gave me a smile and went to his seat.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Here are the papers,” he said handing me my paper. “Make sure you don’t show anyone.”

I nodded and went to the back sitting down in my seat. I looked and found that he placed the envelope to the clinic we went to a week ago, already open.

“Hey, Daisy,” Marcel said waving his hand in front of my face.

I quickly hid the envelope and looked up at him and smiled. I momentarily got lost in his green eyes.

“I wanted to know if you want to go on a date tonight,” he said.

“I’d love to,” I answered just as the final bell rung.

“Good morning class, I hope you had a restful weekend because I have a little quiz for you guys,” Mr.Andrews announced.

It seemed as if everybody groaned at the news but me. He passed out the quizzes and everyone went right to work on it.

With no surprize I was the first one to walk up to the front of the room and give my quiz to Mr.Andrews.

“Do you you have the project almost done?” He whispered to me.

“I’ll have it to you tomorrow,” I told him.

“Good to know.” He smiled at me and I went back to my seat.


Another forty minutes later the bell rung and everyone went to their next class.

By lunch it stopped raining but I went to the theater thing the school has. I told Marcel that I had to go practice with Mrs.Snow for the concert. I sat up on the stage taking out the envelope I was given this morning.

“We are going into a lockdown,” someone said over the intercom. “We are under a lockdown.”

I quickly put everything in my backpack and took one of my pills.

Walking down the hall I could hear my name being called. “Come out, come out wherever you are. I’ll find you, you little slut. I also have the boy.”

It was Dave.

I started to run. I ran with all my might away from where his voice came from and out of the school.

I knew I had to get home.

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