Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


5. Shopping ~part 2~

Chapter 4

 Once we were done, my mom and I went to the food court and got a pretzel for each of us with some soda. Half way through I need to go to the bath room. I looked around to try and find them, but I was clueless I didn't have a clue where I was. "Where are the bathrooms?" I asked.

 "Right over there," she said behind me.

 "Oh, I'll be right back," I said getting up. As I walking all the girls had started screaming. You would totally hear them from the other side of the mall. I couldn't believe how loud they were. All the noise muffled down when I closed the door.

 After a few more hours of shopping we called it a day, we were both tired and wanted to get away from all the screaming teenage girls. By the time we got home it was almost 3 o'clock. We brought in the bags and set them down on the kitchen table. "That was so much fun," my mom said.

 "It would have been better without all the screaming girls though," I said.

 "That is true," she said. There was knock on the door all the sudden. "I'll get that sweetie." I heard her open the door.

 "I think I saw your daughter drop this at the mall," said a male voice.

 I walked over to the door to see.

 "How did you find us?" my mom asked.

 "The guys from security let me watch the videos from the parking lot," he said.

 I looked at what he was holding, it was some a bottle of my pills. "My pills," I said.

 "Your pills?" My mom asked.

 "They didn't tell you about them?" I asked her.

 "No, what are these pills for?" She asked.

 "They help control some of my panic attacks." She looked at me in shock. "Yeah, they don't have everything in my file, but I thought had told you about this."

 The guy at the door had curly brown hair that was in a quiff. He was sunglasses so I didn't know what color they were. He held out the pill bottle. "Well then here you go Miss.Flowers," he said handing them to me.

 "Thanks," I told him taking them. He gave a little nod and walked away. "I'm so sorry, I really thought they would have told you about them," I told my mom.

 "The one thing I can't believe is that they let you bring those on the plane," she said laughing.

 I laughed with her. "Its not like they went crazy and asked me anything about them. Plus I really don't just like telling random people about it. It freaks them out."

 "Don't worry about it," she said rubbing my back. "Let's go put your clothes in the wash."

 I nodded and followed her back into the kitchen. I put my pill bottle next to the bags as we toke off all the tags.

 My mom let me look through some of her books so I read something. I looked through the books she has by Nicholas Sparks. I found "The Rescue" and it was one of my favorites. I grabbed and went to go lay on my bed to start reading when I heard screaming coming from downstairs. I ran down to see my mom failing at trying to cook. I pushed her out of the way and toke over before anything got burnt. "No more cooking unless you have someone helping you," I told her. She nodded and laughed. I watched the ravioli start to soften.

 "So tomorrow you're gonna to be walking to school in the mornings. And sometimes one of us might pick you up at the end of the day but if not you'll be walking home," she told me.

 "How far away is it?" I asked.

 "Just a few turns around the corner. Nothing to far. Luca is working late tonight and said just to eat dinner." I nodded as she got a plate and fork for each of us. "Everything should be ready for you so you'll just have to get your class list when you get there."

 The rest of dinner was quiet. "Would it be ok if I take a shower then try going to bed now?" I asked as we brought our dishes to the sink.

 "Sure thing sweetie," she said giving me a kiss on my head. 

 I smiled at her and walked upstairs to the bathroom. I turned on the water and toke off all my clothes. Once it was warm I stepped in letting the heat clam me down. I washed off then turned off the water. I put on my pajama pants and a t-shirt. I sat on my bed for a little while thinking of pretty much nothing. I sighed getting up and picking out my outfit for tomorrow and set on my desk. I grabbed one of the composition notebooks I had in a drawer and a pen. I was used to writing about what I've done and I'm feeling or other random things down. I laid down on my bed and started writing.

 So I've been adopted. This family is amazing. They wanted me even if I was beaten and have panic attacks. But I don't know if they know what else Dave had done to me, and I don't want them to know. Well just not right now anyway. It might change everything.

 I went shopping with Marry, she's my new mom. We had so much fun. It would have been better if that One Direction boy band wasn't there. There were tons and tons of screaming teenage girls. But I do still having my hearing, I'm pretty sure. I got a lot of new clothes though. It made her happy that I went with her.

 I have to start going to a new school tomorrow. I'm trying to stay as clam as I can but I'm having some trouble. Nobody would look past my face until now. I know everyone is not like that. But I have to hope for the best and just focus on my school work and nothing else.

 I sighed closing it and putting the pen away and the notebook in my backpack. I made sure I had six notebooks for each of my classes tomorrow and six folders in my binder. I zipped it up walked back over to my bed. I crawled in going to sleep.

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