Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


6. School

Chapter 5

~Marry's POV~

 Luca and I were getting ready for bed. It was now or never. "Hey babe," I said.

 "Yeah?" He asked.

 I pulled out the foundation that matched Daisy's skin. "I picked this up for Daisy," I showed him. 

 "That would be for...." he said.

 I chuckled at how of a man he is when I point this kind of thing out. "It would be to cover up the scars. She doesn't know that I picked it up, she was in the bathroom when I went to get it," I told him. "I want her to feel like she belongs here and not like an outcast like all of her other schools."

 "And you're telling me about this because?" He asked.

 "I don't know if it would be the right thing if I should give it to her. So I want your opinion."

 He sighed. "I think it would be a good idea if you do. I want her to feel like she belongs too, dear. But I'm not showing her how to use it," he said getting into bed.

 "Don't worry, I'll help her the first few days before school," I told him getting in bed next to him.

~Daisy's POV~

~~~~the next morning~~~~

 I woke and the sun was just starting to come up. I pushed my sheets off of me and walked downstairs. "What would you like for breakfast?" My dad asked cooking some eggs. 

 "I'd just like a bagel. My stomach is already filled with butterflies, and I'd rather keep all my food down on today," I told him.

 "There's nothing to worry about," he told me.

 "But still, I'd just like something light to eat." He nodded as I grabbed a blueberry bagel from the fridge and put it in the toaster. I went over and sat on the kitchen table thinking of how all of this could go wrong.

 "LUCA!!! LUCA!!!" We heard my mom screaming. "SHE'S GONE!! SHE'S GONE!!" We heard come running down the stairs crying.

 "Who's gone?" I asked her.

 She stared at me and practically attacked me in a hug. "I thought you might have ran away," she told me.

 "No, I'm here. I thought I was aloud to come downstairs when I woke up," I told her.

 "Oh you are, I just thought I would have to wake you up."

 I shook my head. "I'm still not completely used to the 5 hour difference so it feels weird staying up to late." Then my bagel popped up from the toaster. "Can I go eat my breakfast now?" I asked still being hugged by my mom.

 "Oh yeah, sure thing sweetie," she said letting me go.

 I grabbed the bagel and put some butter on it. I poured some grape juice that they had gotten and sat over at the kitchen table eating. 

 "Are you going to take a shower after you're done eating?" My mom asked sitting down next to me. I nodded with a mouth full of food. "Well when your done and all dressed I was hoping to show you something."

 "What is it?" I asked.

 "Well yesterday while you were in the bathroom at the mall I went over to this makeup counter that wasn't that far away, and I found some foundation what looked close to your skin color."

 "What's foundation?" I asked.

 "It's basically put around the face and helps the makeup stay on," she said. "But I was thinking that it might help hide your scars," she starting slowing down. "You don't have to use it only if you want too."

 I nodded. "Can we try?"

 "Sure thing, but I'm gonna show you how to use it for the first few times." I nodded finishing my bagel. "I'll take of that and you just get in the shower," she told my getting up and taking away my plate and cup.

 I walked upstairs and toke my shower. I went back into my room and put on my black skinny jeans and my red shirt that had an owl on it. "Knock knock," my mom said coming into my room. "Are you read for this?" She asked. I don't think I really have a choose and I just nodded. "Ok so set down," she told me pointing to the chair at my desk. "So this it what it looks like," she said holding up the little bottle of foundation. "You just put a little bit on here and whip it around where you need it." She put the cold liquid on my forehead first then did my cheeks. When she was done she smiled at me. "Go look," she told me. I walked over to the mirror and I was surprised that I didn't see anything. 

 I smiled back at her. "Thanks so much," I said hugging her.

 "Any time," she said hugging me back. 

 I let go and said "Well I better get to school before I'm late." She nodded and walked out. I grabbed my red beanie, slipped on my black converses, grabbed my phone, and then my backpack, and left for school.

 By the time I got there it seemed like everyone was already inside. I walked around and found the office. "How can I help?" She asked still looking at her computer.

 "Um, I'm the new student. Daisy," I told her.

 She looked around her desk and grabbed a folder filled with papers and gave them to me. "Welcome, have a good day," she continued on her computer.

 I nodded and walked out. I found the sheet that had my classes. I was starting out with Chemistry with a Mr.Wood. I walked around until I found room 119. I was about to knock when the door slammed open. I screamed and covered my face. After a few seconds when nothing happened I let my arms slowly fall from my face. There was a boy and a man staring at me. The boy laughed and walked away. I realized that I let my papers fly all across the hallway, I quickly started trying to gather all of them up. I stared at the man how must have been my teacher with all the papers in a mess.

 "Where is your uniform?" He asked.

 "Uniform?" I asked starting to walk into the class room. All the guys had a white button up shirt and a blue tie with black pants. All the had the same shirts but with a shirt and red and blue ties. Oh shit. They were all looking at me. I didn't know what part of it made it worse that I had screamed in the hall or the I was not in a uniform.

 "Miss, what is your name?" He asked.

 "Daisy," I whispered.

 "Oh yes. Daisy Flow-."

"Moore, Daisy Moore," I corrected him. I did not need people knowing what my late name was while I was in foster care.

 "Well then Miss.Moore, please take a set and I hope to see you have a uniform tomorrow or else you will be in detection," he told me. I nodded and looked for an empty set. I went over to the one that was closest to me and sat down. I put my backpack on the floor and places the papers on the table. As Mr.Wood talked I re organized them. I looked over to the boy next to and saw him staring at me.

 "His something wrong?" I whispered to him. 

 "T-t-there's just a-a no hat policy here," he stuttered using his pencil to point at it.

 "Oh," I said taking it off and shoving it into my backpack. "Thanks," I said smiling at him. He only nodded and went back to writing down notes.

 "Mr.Wood," said an overly perky girl.

 "Yes Miss.Johnson?" Mr.Wood asked her.

 "Isn't it one of the schools policies that a girl with hair that goes past her shoulders must have it in a hair tie?" She asked. She was pointing out me. I knew every ones eyes were on me.

 "Miss.Moore that is one of the policies so would you be so kind to follow it," he told me.

 "Uh, I don't have a hairtie though," I told him. I really don't put my hair up unless its wet, but when I do I use my hat.

 He sighed and walked over to his desk and pulled out a rubber band. He walked it over to me and dropped it into my desk. I started pulling my hair back. "Just ignore her. She is just really full of herself," the boy next to me said. I nodded. Putting the rubber band in my hair and pulled my hair over my shoulder. "I'm Marcel," he told me.

 I nodded and said "Daisy." Then the bell rung. We both got up. "Hey, do you know what way Mrs.Snow's room is?" I asked him.

 "It's just down the hall around the corner and it's the really big room," he told me smiling.

 "Thanks," I told him. I tried to think about all the eyes that were looking at me as I went down the hall. I got into the class room and went to the back. I was shocked that most of the class was boys, at all my other schools there weren't any. Then the bell rung again and everyone was in a seat. The room was filled with boys and I was the only girl. I felt like I should have left but I really didn't want to get noticed.

 "Welcome class," said a lady walking in.

 "Hello," they all said back.

 She looked right back to me. "We have a new student joining us today," she said and they all started looking around until there eyes found the only girl that was not in a uniform, me. I sunk into my seat not wanting to be noticed. "Welcome Miss.Flowe-"

 "Moore," I said cutting her off too. "It's Moore."

 "On here it say-"

 "Moore, just Moore," I kept telling her. 

 She gave me a weird look but still went on. "Well welcome to choir. In here you must give everything you got and then some. You must be able to read any kind of music that is given to you. Do you think that you can handle that?" She asked. I nodded, I sing almost all the time and I was aloud to stay and work on everything music at some of my older schools. "Well if you wouldn't mind standing in front of the class and showing us what you got, I think we'd all really like that."

 I started walking up. I stopped in front of her. She smiled and grabbed a piece of music. I looked over it a bit then she started the piano. I gave her a confused looked. "Is something wrong?" She asked.

 I just stood there then said it. "You were playing something else that doesn't match this," I told her.

 "Pardon me?" She asked.

 All the guys were staring in disbelief. "May I?" I asked pointing to the piano. She nodded and got up. I toke her seat and started playing it both of the parts and sung the whole song.

 She was even looking shocked. "Oh my god." There was a curly haired boy standing in the doorway.

 "Nice of you to join us Mr.Styles. Why are you late?" She asked.

 "I kinda sleep through my alarm clock this morning," he said walking to a chair.

 "Well then, maybe you shouldn't party as much on a school night," she told him.

 "I wasn't partying Mrs.Snow," he said.

 She just stopped it there and looked back over at me. "Miss.Moore would you care to tell us were you learned how to tell the difference between what I was playing before and then what you just played?" She asked. 

 "Oh," I said trying to think of something out of the blue. "My old choir teacher would let me stay after school and would help me learn and try new thing with my voice and work with a piano." 

 "Another quick question. You do realize that we have a school uniform policy?" She asked.

 I looked down at the keys of the piano. "It has been made pretty clear," I whispered thinking that nobody would hear. Not that I said in a snotty way or anything.

 "Well if you could please go back to your seat we can start warming up." I quickly got up and went back into the corner.

 At the end of class I grabbed my bag and then look to find my next class. I ran into Marcel in the hall. "Hey Marcel."

 He looked up and smiled. "The lunch room is the other way," he told me.

 "What?" I asked.

 "I saw your classes. I have Mrs.Nesbitt with you."

 "Oh. Thanks for everything," I said smiling at him.

 "You say thank you a lot I'm guessing," he told me leading the way to the lunch room.

 "I've been a lot lately."

 "So how was a class with all guys?" He asked.

 "How did you know it was all guys?" I asked him.

 "I have a friend in that class."


 "Did any try and hit on you?" He asked.

 "Nope, no mean words yet," I told him.

 "Mean words? I meant if they tried flirting with you," he said. He looked me in the eyes. "Have people ever done that?" He asked.

 I took in a deep breath. "You have no idea." Next thing I knew there was a pizza in my face.

 "Ops, my bad," said a girly voice. "Oh my god, what's this?" I opened my eyes and saw what looked like the foundation on the pizza. I looked around and everyone was looking at us. Everything started getting bury. 'SHIT SHIT SHIT' the voice in my head was screaming. I turned around and ran down the halls. I didn't know where I was going, but my body started shaking. I couldn't breath right what so ever now. I grabbed my bottle of pills trying to open in it, but once it was open it fell from my hands and they went everywhere.

 "Daisy," I heard someone calling. I was having trouble seeing. I felt him kneeling down next to me. I don't know what he was thinking but I felt one of my pills on my lips as he got it into my mouth. I easily swallowed it dry, and after a few seconds my body started to calm down and I see that it was Marcel. He was picking up all the pills and putting them back into there bottle. 

 "You didn't have to come after me," I told him.

 "Why wouldn't I?" He asked.

 "I'm the new kid," I told him. "You know not one thing about me."

 "Well I know your name is Daisy. You're american. You sing. You've been bullied. And you get panic attacks," he said showing where is said that on the bottle. 

 "I'm sure if I should say it was a good day or a bad one," I told him. 

 "Come on, let's go get this pizza sauce off your face." He held out his hand and helped me up. He pushed up his overly big glasses as he handed me by bag. He showed me too a girls bathroom that nobody else was in. I wiped off all the sauce that was on my cheek. I didn't take off much of the foundation but the pinkness was a little noticeable. I walked out of the bathroom and Marcel was still there. "Come on, let's go get to history." I nodded and followed. "Mrs.Nesbitt always lets me eat with her. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind another guest." All I did was nod.

 He knocked on the door but didn't wait for an answer and just went in. "Why hello Mr.Styles. I was wondering what was taking you, why how is this. Is she a nice lady friend?" She asked.

 "Ah no, I'm your new student, Daisy," I told her. Why did she call him Mr.Styles.

 "Come in, come in. Join the party," she told us waving us to come in and take a seat. Marcel toke out his lunch while I just sat there. I'm pretty sure he noticed because he handed my the other half of his sandwich.

 I shook my head. "I'm good," I told him.

 "Come on, you need to eat something," he said.

 "Thanks," I said taking it from his hands and toke a bite."Yeah did she call you Mr.Styles?" I asked him.

 I saw his face hang down more. "That's because he's my brother," he said.

 "Who's your brother?" I asked.

 "You don't know?" He asked shocked.

 "You know Harry from that boy band, he goes here. So does the third one, that boy is just a big piece of trouble," Mrs.Nesbitt said.

 "I still don't know who you're talking about," I said to Marcel.

 "You don't listen to One Direction?" He asked.

 I looked down at the desk. I've only just started listening to music that is popular now. The only music I could before was music from the 70's or choir music. "No," I simply put. I looked back up at him and he was smiling from ear to ear.

 "Marcel would you be able to help Daisy get caught up for the were gonna have Tuesday?" Mrs.Nesbitt asked. 

 "Sure thing, you wouldn't mind would you?" He asked me.

 I shook my head. "Where would you want to do it?" I asked him.

 "Would your house be ok? Mine gets loud with the boys and my other brother," he said.

 "What's the other one like?" I asked him.

 "You already meet both. He was the one that stormed out of the class room," he said.

 I remembered, it made me think about Dave when he would come home drunk. Then the bell rang and Marcel and I just stayed there. The class went by fast and I wasn't even pointed out at all. Mrs.Nesbitt gave me a textbook that I would be needing for the rest of the year and let me go.

 I let Marcel come home with me after school. We talked a little as we walked. I tried opening the front but it was locked, and I didn't have the keys.  

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