Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


8. Party

Chapter 7

 I watched as more people started coming in. I soon heard a familiar voice. "Marcel," it called. I turned around to find my brother Harry.

 "What are you doing here?" I asked him.

 "We were all invited," he said pointing out the other boys. "I got you different clothes you you don't mess up your uniform." He handed me some of his clothes.

 "These are your clothes," I told him.

 "Yeah and his party is sorda about us," he told me.

 Great, not what I was hopping would happen. "How did you even know I was here?" I asked him.

 "Mum told me."

 I just toke his clothes and went to the bathroom. I practicality tore off my shirt and pushed my pants off. I noticed he didn't give me a pair of his skinny jeans, thank god and slipped on the red v neck shirt he gave me. I felt stupid. I folded up my uniform and walked out. I didn't see where Daisy went so I shoved my other clothes in my backpack and went on the search for her.

~Daisy's POV~

 I was brought outside by my dad to meet his bosses and some of this other coworkers. Once I got the chance to slip away I went upstairs to my bedroom and looked in the mirror. The makeup was starting to fade. I went over to grab it where it was left on my desk and back over to the mirror. I put some the foam and dabbed it around my scars making sure it still looked natural. That's when I noticed Marcel was leaning on my door frame, I froze. I didn't know what I should say. Then I also realized that he changed. "Where did you get the change of clothes?" I asked.

 "My brother's here," he said.

 "Why is he here?" I asked finishing up.

 "Don't you know what your dad does?" He asked me.

 I hesitated. "I'm making it pretty clear that I'm new here too," I told him going over to sit on my bed.

 "Sorry, I'm just trying to understand you a bit more. That's if you don't mind," he said going over to sit in my chair.

 "I'm just not used to being in a family and having a friend," I told looking down at my hands.

 "Being part of a family?" He asked.

 'SHIT SHIT SHIT' was going on in my head again. I nodded. "Yeah, I was in foster care from most of my life until pretty much 3 days ago."

 "So you were in foster care until 3 days ago?" He asked.

 "No," I came out of my mouth. The voice keep going on in my head and it just wouldn't shut up. I looked up at Marcel he had a wondering kind of look on his face. "When I was 4 I got adopted, but I had to be taken out when I was 6."

 "Why did you have to be taken out?" He asked.

 I could tell I was about to start crying, every time it coming I would. I brought my knees up to my chest and buried my head down. I felt him start to rub my back.

 "Its ok, you don't have to tell right now. You can when ever you feel like telling," he said.

 I nodded looking him in the eyes. His shirt was red, my shirt was red. His jeans were black, my jeans were black. I couldn't stop laughing, I could tell he was confused.

 "What's so funny?" He asked with a smile.

 "Were matching," I said through my fits of laughter. He joined me, every so often he would snort. 

 "Hey there kids, what's so funny?"

 I looked over at the door, it was just my dad. Marcel stood up still laughing a bit. "Hello sir, I'm Marcel," he said putting his hand had. 

 My dad eyed it looking over at me. "He's just a friend dad," I told him. 

 He nodded at me and shook Marcel's hand. "Now what was so funny?" He asked again.

 "Well Marcel came home with me after school so he can help me catch up for a history test were having Tuesday so he was still in his uniform. His brother came over with those clothes and now we match," I explained getting up.

 "Wait, Marcel. As in Harry's brother?" he asked.

 "Yes, sir," Marcel told him

 My dad nodded. "Well it's be great if two would come back to join the party."

 We both nodded and made our way back downstairs.

 "Wait dad," I stopped him.

 "Hm," he said.

 "What is your job?" I asked him.

 "Oh, I work in the studio on the other side of town. I do a lot of different things to help around there," he answered.

 I nodded and continued to walk around with Marcel. "Well hello ladies and gentleman." We both looked up to find Harry and I'm guessing the rest of One Direction.

 "Who are they?" I asked Marcel.

 "That would be my brother with the rest of his band," he said. I nodded. "But it seems like Niall is missing." 

 "Has anyone seen Niall?" Harry asked. Everyone started looking around, I just looked at Marcel. "Will someone check where the food is?"

 "I'll be right back," I told Marcel heading for the kitchen. There was a blond boy with his back towards me looking in the fridge. "Um sir, have you seen Niall?" I asked.

 He turned around and looked at me. "That's me, what's up?" He asked.

 "Harry's looking for you," I told him. "Is there something that you're looking for?" I asked.

 "No I'm good. Where's Harry?" He asked.

 "On the stage," I asked pointing behind me.

 "Shit," he said starting to run out the door.

 I went over to the fridge and closed it. I walked back out to Marcel and stood next to him. "Found him," I told him. 

 He laughed. "Where was he this time?" He asked.

 "He was just looking through the fridge. He didn't find anything though," I told him.

 All the sodden Niall came running up from 'backstage' tripping over the last step. Most of the people gasped but the other guys on stage and Marcel and I were laughing at him.

 "I'm ok," Niall said getting up. "I meant to do that."

 "Now where were you this time?" The one with the shortest hair asked.

 "That one is Liam Payne," Marcel whispered into my ear.

 "The bathroom," Niall lied making Marcel and I laugh.

 "Oh really," Harry said. "Then why would my brother and is lovely lady friend laugh," he said pointing to us. "And looking there matching."

 I knew I was blushing and I hide my head behind Marcel's shoulder.

 "I think I saw her at school," a different one said.

 "Yep, she's the new student. She's in my choir class. And guys she is really good," Harry said pulling out his phone.

 "Why are you taking your phone out Haz?"

 "That one is Louis Tomlinson," Marcel whispered to me.

 "Everyone was paying attention on her that I was able to record her and I was planning on showing it to them people," he said pointing to my dads bosses. "Can we get this on the screen?" He asked the DJ. All I did was hide behind Marcel. He nodded plugging it in.

~Marcel's POV~

 I saw Daisy sitting down at a piano. Then it started playing, she was amazing. I felt her grip the back of my shirt and stepped closer. "Are you ok?" I asked her. I wanted to make sure she doesn't have another panic attack like she did at school.

 "Hide me. Hide me. Hide me," she said.

 I watched as she finished playing on the video.

 "And from what I know Mrs.Snow our choir teacher randomly picks a piece of music for us to try," Harry told everyone. "So that was just from sight reading, with the whole accompaniment part with it."

 "She's the one that found me in the fridge," Niall whined.

 "Thank you Daisy," Harry said. 

 "Thank you," Louis and Liam said.

 Great now everyone else knew my name. "Why did you have to do that Daisy?" Niall kept whining.

 "Shut up, Niall. You can go eat after this," Liam said. Niall then only pouted. "So she's the new girl?" He asked.

 "Yep," Harry answered.

 "Stay away from Edward," Liam told me.

 "Who's Edward?" She whispered.

 "The last part of the triplets. The one that stormed out," I answered.

 "Don't worry, I'm gonna be staying far away as possible from him," she said but people still heard.

 "Oh crap she already met him. I'd like to know how that worked out," Louis said.

 I could feel her getting closer into my back. "Shouldn't you guys be singing?" I yelled at them.

 "I'm pretty sure we have time little brother," Harry said to me. "Besides aren't they the cutest couple ever," he said pointing at us. "They're all matchy." Everyone awed, I realized he did this on purpose. Great, but for some reason it didn't bug me of think about Daisy as my girlfriend.

 By the end of the night they had sung 6 songs and it was already dark out. So of course I had to go home but I would be driving with the boys. I grabbed my backpack and phone shoving it into my pocket. "Bye Daisy," I said giving her a hug. "I'll see you at school," I said walking out of the doorway and getting into the car.

 "So are you gonna tell us more about your girlfriend?" Niall asked.

 "She's not my girlfriend," I mumbled.

 "What ever you say man," he said.

 The rest of the car ride was silent. Once we got home I went to my room ready for some sleep. Then I heard my phone go off. I pulled it out of my pocket and realized it wasn't my phone, I had grabbed Daisy's instead. I hit answer before it went to voice mail. "Somebody answered it," I heard someone say.

 "How? I don't ha-," I heard Daisy say. "This is Marcel's phone."

 "Hello," I said. I had a feeling I was about to get yelled at.

 "Is this Marcel?" A lady asked.

 "Yes, who is this?" I asked.

 "It's Marry, Daisy's mom. We're pretty sure you grabbed her phone and not yours," she said.

 "Yeah, I am so so sorry. The boys were rushing me and I just grabbed the phone thinking that it was mine and shoving it into my pocket," I explained.

 "Don't worry about it sweet heart. You guys can just each others phones back in the morning at school. Have a good night," she said. "Wait Daisy wants to say something."

 "I just wanted to say good night," Daisy said.

 "Was today a good day or a bad day?" I asked. I remembered her saying that she wasn't sure if it was gonna be good or bad.

 "Great, it was a great day," she said.

 I was able to hear the smile in her voice. "Sweet dreams," I told her.

 "Sweet dreams," she said back hanging up. I locked her phone putting it on my night stand then taking my glasses of and set them next to it.

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