Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


23. On Stage

Chapter 22

On Stage

 "Will someone please explain why you brought here? I thought I was getting food," I said.

 Niall came up and wrapped his arm around my shoulder almost hitting me with the neck of the guitar he had. "I know how you fell," he said making me laugh.

 "We want you to sing with us," Harry said.

 "No I can't," I said.

 "If you don't I'll just show them the video from class," he said.

 "Why do you still that?" I asked.

 "I just do," he said.

 "Wow," I said clapping my hands. "Around of applause for the smartest guy, Harry," I said to everyone.

 Harry kindly bowed to everyone. "Thank you, thank you," he said and that made me laugh even more. I caught Louis staring at Harry's bum but he quickly looked away and looked sad.

 I quickly walked over to Louis and started tickling him. "NO!"  He started yelling as we both fell to the ground. "NOBODY TICKLES THE QUEEN!"

 "I think I know somebody that you'll enjoyed being tickled by," I said winking at him. I got up and also winked at Harry who blushed a little.

 "Well this is not what we thought would happen," Liam said.

 I rolled my eyes at him. "That's what you say to girl you blindfolded in the car and drove her here," I said. "HOW CAN YOU GUYS SCREAM SO LOUD?" I asked all the girls and the boys laughed at me.

 "But we love them and we just want to cuddle them," Niall said holding out his arms in front of him.

 "Pour Niall, I think he wants to give all you guys hugs," I said.

 "Yes, yes Nialler does," he said nodding his head.

 "Shouldn't you guys being singing?" I asked looking at all of them.

 Then music started and Harry started to sing. As they sang I decided to sit down around the edge of the stage. Once they were done with the song Niall tried to sit next to me. "Hey," he said.

 "Hey," I said trying not to laugh.

 "What's one of your favorite songs?" He asked.

 "I really liked playing 'Little Things' with Harry," I said.

 Niall looked at me confused. 

 "What are you talking about?" Harry asked.

 "What do you remember from last night?" I asked Harry.

 "Meeting Casey then I went off and that was the last thing I remembered," he said.

 "Well you found me playing the piano and you really wanted me to sing 'Little Things' so you went to get the music sheets along with some others," I told him.

 "Then where did was I getting heart breaker song from?" He asked. "Did Taylor write it about me?" 

 " "How to be a Heart Breaker' was by me about these rules Casey or one of her friends had created to get guys," I explained. "You don't remember me telling you that?"

 "Not really," he said shaking his head.

 "Casey?" Niall asked. "As in the one from last night."

 "Yep," I said nodding.

 "So 'Little Things'," Liam said and the musicians started playing and Zayn started singing. I just rocked side to side as they sang.

~Marcel's POV~

 I knew the boys were going to make Daisy sing on stage with them so I was home alone until they got back. As I went through the channels nothing was on. I turned off the tv and went upstairs and grabbed my gym bag.

 As I stepped into the gym the first guy I saw was Harvey. "AND IT'S STYLES 2!" He yelled.

 "Hey Harvey," I said back.

 "How's it goin' man?" He asked.

 "Just trying to past the time. Anyone else here?" I asked. 

 "Leeroy is just getting ready," He said.

 "Cool," I said walking into the locker room to change.

 I was about 45 minutes in  with my practice with Leeroy when I heard "Marcel," being called in a high girly voice. 

 I turned around to find Jessica standing right against the window. I was not in the mood to deal with her so I turned around and continued with Leeroy. "Is that Daisy?" He asked.

 "Not even close," I said. "She's my crazy ex from back home."

 "What do you mean by crazy?" He asked.

 "She broke into my house last week," I told him. "She stormed out when Daisy and I kissed, now she's back."

 "We can call the police to take her away," he said.

 Jessica kept knocking on the window to make me look back again. "I really don't man. I should go home thought," I said looking at the clock. "The boys should be getting home soon."

 "Alright Styles, see you later," Leeroy said walking away.

 I toke off my gloves and went into the locker room to shower. I slipped on the clothes I came in with on and ran back home. I opened the front door and the boys weren't home. I grabbed one of Daisy's notebooks and read through it. When I came across a list.

'how to be a heart breaker'

1~You gotta have fun

2~Just don't get attached 

3~wear your heart on your cheek

4~Gotta be looking pure

 I got up and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Things were making a bit more sense. Daisy had used me to get to Niall. I've seen the way she looks at him with those icy blue eyes. Finishing the first beer I grabbed another and another. I heard the front door open once I opened my 5th beer.

 "Welcome home boys," I yelled out. I didn't know who else it could have been. But once I got of the kitchen there was a girl with brown wavy hair. "You're not the boys," I said pointing to her with th hand I had my beer in.

 "Are you drunk?" She asked.

 "Yes," I said laughing.

 She came up and started kissing.

~Daisy's POV~

 The boys and I were pulling into the drive and I was still bouncing up and down. It was so much fun. "Calm down already," Louis said as we all got out.

 "It takes a while for me to calm down after preforming but that's normally for parents but that was for hundreds of screaming teens around my age," I said.

 "Oh shit," Liam said as we saw Marcel kissing someone. She turned around and it was Jessica.

 "Oh well look who it is," Marcel said stumbling over to me. "Isn't it the little heart breaker."

 "What are you talking about Marcel?" I asked.

 He threw the beer bottle at a wall, he turned into Dave. I turn around and ran. I didn't wanna get hurt anymore. I ran to the front door of my house and unlocked it. My mom and dad still weren't home. I knew that I had to find my file and figure out all of what they know and don't know.


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