Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

~Daisy's POV~ 

 I woke up to my mom and dad yelling and a very loud buzzing, I pushed all my sheets off and downstairs but everything went quiet. "What was that?" I asked.

 "Marcel's phone alarm," my dad answered.

 "Why was it so loud?" I asked.

 "We have no clue sweetie," he said. "What would you like for breakfast?" He asked.

 I really wasn't hungry, I just wanted to see Marcel again. I just grabbed a bagel like yesterday. "What about keys?" I asked remembering how I was locked out of a minute or so yesterday.

 "There in the key bowl at the door," my mom said. "I'm pretty sure you can tell witch ones are yours," she said winking at me.

 I finished off my bagel and went up for my shower.

 ~Marcel's POV~

 I woke up and checked the time it was already 7:39. "CRAP!" I yelled. I ran out of bed to find Niall, Harry, and Zayn gone. I barley had time to get ready. I quickly stripped and pulled on my pants and put my selves and grabbed my tie. Running down stairs I grabbed my backpack and put my shoes on running out the door. I knew Daisy's house was on the way and she might have left yet.

 I had just finished my tie as I got onto her street. I hurried up to the front door and knock.

 "Hello sir," I said when her dad opened it.

 "What was your phone doing?" He asked.

 "That would have been our alarm, but the boys had already woke up and left without waking me up," I told him.

 "Daisy Marcel is here," he yelled up the stairs.

 "One minute I forgot what tie," she yelled down.

 "Gold," I said. 

 "He says gold," he yelled back up.

 A few seconds latter she came running down the stairs doing her tie.

 "I feel like a doll," she said.

 Her dad and I looked at each other. I felt my stomach rumble complaining it was hungry. "Did you have anything for breakfast?" Her dad asked.

 I shook my head. "I just wanted to make sure I got out of the house so I'm late for school," I told him. 

 "Wait here," he said walking away.

 Daisy started laughing at me. She went over to s bowl and laughed more. She picked up a right and one key was red and the other blue and it had an Eiffel Tower key chain.

 "Here you go young man," her dad said giving me a warmed bagel. Then he handed her a brown bag.

 I toke the bagel and toke small bites. "Ready for your second day?" I asked her.

 "Nothing worse could happen," she said walking out of the door with me. "Bye dad."

 "Bye sir, thanks for the bagel," I told him.

 He nodded and closed the door. "Oh here's your phone," I said digging it out of my pocket.

 "Thanks," she said and started going through a part in her backpack and pulled out mine. "Here you go."

 "I'm really sorry about that," I told her.

 "No worrys. But I do have to ask you something," she said.

 "Hm," I said looking at her.

 "Who does your tie?" She asked.

 "Usually my mom does all the boys ties but she's out of town for the next few days so we have to try and do it on our own," I explained.

 She stopped in front of me and started undoing it. "You almost had it," she said. "I have a feeling the others are gonna be worse." We were both laughing about it as we walked across the school grounds.  We found all of them around my locker. Daisy broke out laughing. Niall had is tie as a bow tie. Harry and Zayn's weren't that good either.

 "How did you tie that?" Harry asked.

 "Boy get in a line," Daisy said to the three of them.

 They all looked  at each but then did as told. She first went and undid Niall's. "Niall, yours is the worst. How did you even do this?" She asked.

 "The power of the Nialler," he answered as she finished undoing it then started redoing it the way that the policy says.

 "There you go," she said patting him on the shoulder and moving in front of Zayn to fix his then Harry's. It made me a little jealous but I just decided to ignore it. "Marcel's was still the closest," she said.

 "Then who's was the worst?" Zayn asked her.

 "Niall's," Harry said. All of us but Niall laughed.

 "Come on lets all just get to class," I said to Daisy. "I want to get Edward's tantrum over with today."

 She nodded and started walking away with me. The bell rung just as we sat down in our seats. "Our you gonna take any notes today?" I asked.

 She pulled out a notebook and softly hit the top of my head with it. I remembered that I didn't do my hair so it looked curly and messy just Harry's.

 After a few minutes I heard somebody say "Oh look the new girl has a love bite."

 Daisy looked confused. "What's a love bite?" She asked me.

 "It's what you Americans call a hickey," I told her.

 "Seems Marcel finally maned up," it was Helen. I saw her come up and touch Daisy's next.

 "STOP!" Daisy screamed pushing Helen away. I noticed that she started shaking then she started to run. I grabbed her bag and went after her. She was having a panic attack again and she was just running. She went past my locker so I pulled out her pill bottle in my pocket and her backpack in my locker then ran after her again. I could tell that she didn't know where she was going because ran right past the football field. I knew everyone was watching too.

 "What's going on man?" Harry asked running next to me.

 "She's having a panic attack she doesn't know what she's doing or where she's going," I told him. And the sudden she collapsed and we ran faster to her. She was still breathing. I pulled out the bottle taking one out and put it on her lips.

 "Is she ok?" Harry asked.

 "I'm not sure. She toke the pill," I told him.

 "Mr.Styles and... Mr.Styles," the gym teacher said coming over. "What is going on?" He asked and started to examine her. "Styles get back class, Styles bring her to the nurses," he said walking away.

 "Can you get her?" Harry asked.

 "Yeah," I said picking her up.

 "See latter man," Harry said walking away.

 I cared Daisy to the nurses office and put her down on one of the mats. "Oh Marcel what's wrong?" Mrs.Scotts  asked coming out.

 "I'm not sure what happened but I could tell she was having a panic attack. She started running around the school and she ended up outside and collapsed in the grass. I managed to give one of her pills though," I explained.

 "Could you please step out," she said.

 I nodded and walked around. She had pulled the curtain around the bed she was on.

 "Oh my god, what in the world," I heard her say. She out from that little area. She started writing something down. "Marcel can you please get her file from the office? I trust you not to read it," she said handing me a note.

 I nodded. Soon the bell rung and I first went to go get my backpack from class and ran to the office once everybody was back into there classes. I handed one of the ladies in the office the note and she handed me a think folder that was labeled Flowers, Daisy. The folder was thicker then any of the others but I just brought it to the nurse without reading any of it.

 "Is that her file?" Mrs.Scotts asked me. I nodded. "I wouldn't think it would be that thick," she said sighing. "You're going to have to help sort out all of these."

 We both heard heavy gasping from Daisy and Mrs.Scotts ran over to her. "Marcel call 911!" She yelled. I ran over behind her desk dialing 911 and giving them answers to all their questions. I also called down to the office so that they would be aware. Then the whole school was put under a passive lock down so nobody was in the halls. Two men in uniforms ran in with gurney. "Marcel you must look away," Mrs.Scotts told me. I turned around and closed my eyes.

 "Wait, was he the one that brought her here?" One of the men asked.

 "Yes," she answered.

 "Then he'll have to come and answer some questions," he said.

 "But what about these," she said.

 "He'll sit up next to the driver," he said. "Let's just cover them up now though."

 "You can turn around now, Marcel," Mrs.Scotts said.

 I turned around to only be able to see Daisy's head. "Let me go get her backpack," I said starting for my locker since it was on the way out. I was able to ride along with her but had to wait when she was taken into a different room.   

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