Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

~Daisy's POV~

 "Come on," my mom said.

 I came down stairs with my composition notebook and pen in hand. We were going to go get both our hair down. I've always had to cut my own hair and it really needed to be done again. In the car I let my hand doddle what ever it felt like. Once we got to the hair salon I looked at what I had did. It was a pair of big glasses, I was smiling like an idiot. They were Marcel's glasses. They made him so cute.

 "Hey Becca," my mom said.

 "I've been wondering if I'd ever see you again. And this most be Daisy," she said looking down at me. "Hi Daisy, I'm Becca."

 "Hi," I said smiling at her. 

 "Lets have you come first," she said. I sat down in one of the big chairs as she put apron things on me. She made me over to the sinks and washed my hair. "Hey Marry," Becca said. "I couldn't help but think about adding a few blue little highlights on her hair."

 My mom looked at mirror to think it through. "I could possibly dark blue," she said. "What do you think?" 

 I did liked the idea. But then what would Marcel think. What if he didn't like it and didn't want to be my friend any more. But I wanted a bit of a different look. So I just nodded and let Becca turn me around so I wouldn't be able to it until it was done.

~Marcel's POV~

 I had to do this, I knew I had to do this. I knocked on Daisy's front door. I know that she's out getting her hair cut with her mom, she said the her dad should still be home though.

 "Hello Marcel," Mr.Moore said once he opened the door.

 "Hi sir. I was hopping I could talk with you," I said.

 "Their is only one way of that happening," he said. Oh no. "Stop calling me sir. Just me Luca."

 I sighed. "I can do that Luca."

 "Come on in, I was just about to have some tea," he said moving away so I could come in. "So what's up?" He asked as he sat down at the kitchen table.

 I toke the seat next to him. "Well its about Daisy," I started.

 He nodded. "What about her?" He asked.

 "I-I was hopping that I could have your permission to take on a date," I told him he was giving me this look. "That's if she would want to go."

 "So what you're trying to say is that you would like my permission to go on a date with me daughter?" He asked, I nodded. "Marcel, I like you. I think you're good for her. She seems even more happy when you come around or you just come up. I can tell that you guys have this connection, I can see it in your eyes." I nodded it. "What are you planning to do?" He asked.

 At first I was shocked I didn't think that he would say yes. So I quickly thought of something that she might like. "I-I-m not sure yet. I didn't think that you would say yes."

 "Try a romantic movie, girls like that kind of stuff," he said.

 "I can do that."

 "And since I have a feeling that you might come and ask for my permission for every date that you'd like to go on with Daisy he answer is yes. Now if you'd want to ask her to be your girlfriend Marry and I have already agreed that we'd both like it." 

 I latterly started chocking on the tea.

 "I've seen way she looks at you. Like you're her safety and then you look back at her willing to protect her." I nodded. "They should be home soon now. You should be on your way. You will not tell any of this. Do I make myself clear?"

 "Yes Luca," I said nodding.

 "Good, son," he said showing me to the door. I walked to the park that was close to my house and sat on the bench looking up at the sky.

~Daisy's POV~

 I really wanted to show Marcel my new highlights so I asked my mom if she could drop me off me off at her house. I could tell that she was so happy about it and did gladly. Once I got to their front door she drove off. I knocked on it hopping Marcel would be the one to answer, but nobody did. I knocked again and still nobody. I slowly turned the nob and poked my head in. I saw Marcel and I'm pretty sure it was Louis making out on the couch. I turned around and started running away from the door and just going anywhere.  

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