Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


2. A New Family

Chapter 1

 "Come on, wake up," I heard some saying. "You've landed," they said shaking me. 

 I opened my eyes to find a sweet looking lady with light brown hair and hazel eyes next to me. I gave her a small smile and nodded.

 "I'm Marry, you must be Daisy," I nodded. I must say that I'm really shy normally people just go past me without saying anything. "I'm your new mom, they let me come back here because I couldn't find you anywhere."

 "Oh," I whispered. "I didn't mean to fall asleep and make you worry over me."

 "Oh don't worry about that. Come on let's go," she said getting up. I got up grabbing my bag and followed her. I'm surprised that she hasn't asked about my scars. "So Daisy tell me about yourself. I'd really like to get to know you better," she said smiling at me.

 "Um, there really isn't much to tell Mrs.Marry," I said shyly looking down. 

 She gave me this disappointed looked but then quickly smiled. "Marry sweetie, just Marry. Only the in laws say Mrs." I nodded. "But once you get more conferrable you can just call me mum if you'd like. My husband has already found your suitcase," she said, but when she mentioned her husband a chill went down my spine. The only response I gave was a nod. She looked over at me and asked "Do you like shopping?"

 I looked up at her. "Shopping? I really haven't been shopping before, only get to food."

 "Would you like too? We can make a little girls day of it if you want to. I was you to feel right at home here," she told me as we came up to a man. "Daisy this is my husband, Luca."

 "Hello sir," I said timidly. 

 He bent down so that he was at the same level as me and said "Welcome to family, Daisy. You're going to be safe here. Nobody will hurt you, they'll have to go past me." Oh, so they do know what had happened, that's why they aren't asking.

 "Come on, let's go home. You must be hungry," Marry said. "Kind of food do you like?"

 "I'm really good at making pasta and wraps," I told her.

 "Oh good grief," she said gigging. "You're not gonna be cooking your first night here."

 "Pardon?" I asked. I wasn't understanding what she was saying, if I was hungry and wanted something to eat I'd have to make it.

 "Daisy, this isn't foster care anymore. You don't have to do everything on your own," Luca said. "So what do you want for dinner?"

 "Um..." I really had to think about this, I always had to think of something I was able to cook.

 "You can think about it on the way home," he said smiling down at me.

 I nodded as they started walking I tried to grab my suitcase but Luca had it. "I can take it," I said.

 "Don't worry about, I got it. I do need to show my manliness before I start cooking," he said looking at Marry. "She doesn't know how to cook. When she does it normally ends up burnt," he whispered to me but she could still hear him.

 "I can teach you a few things that I have almost all the time, if you'd like," I said looking up at her.

 "Are you sure you're up for that?" she asked.

 "We can start off with recipes that don't involve much cooking." They were both looking at me in shock as we got to the car.

 "I new she was a good one," she said to him hitting his arm. I saw him role his eyes as he put my suitcase in the trunk. 

 "Why's the wheel on the left side?" I asked pointing to it.

 "You're in England now, they're all on the left side. And you drive on the opposite side. Just in case you want to borrow the car," he said.

 "I don't know how to drive," I told him.

 "Then no borrowing the car until you do," he said getting in on the left side and Marry on the other while I just went in back.

 "Sure thing sir," I said trying not to giggle.

 "You do know that you don't have to call me sir. In fact I really don't like it," he said making a face.

 "Sorry," I said looking looking down at my hands.

     ~~~~At home eating dinner~~~~

 "So what do you think about doing some shopping tomorrow?" Marry asked.

 I started feeling like I belonged here so I nodded and said "Yeah, I'd really like that." I saw her face brighten up. I ate another fork of food. "I was wondering what you wanted to know about me." I saw a confused look on both of their faces. "At the airport you asked me about myself and I'm just not sure what to tell you."

 I could tell Marry was smiling ear to ear. "Why not just to simple. What's your favorite color? Or colors?" She asked happily. 

 "I really like red and blue."

 "Before you get too comfy, we do have some rules that you should know about," Luca said. 

 I nodded and said "I understand, but just so you know I really don't really do much but read, write, sing, and go to school."

 He nodded. "Well of course no drinking, drugs, and um..."

 "Don't worry I usually don't make friends," I said and I could tell that they were a little sadden by that.

 "Curfew is 9 on school nights and 11 on the weekends."

 "9?" I asked in shock. He nodded. "On a school night? Like Sunday night to Thursday night?" I asked.

 "Yeah," he nodded. "Marry and I thought that was reasonable timing."

 "No, its just that my curfew on a weeknight was 8. But don't worry, if I'm not home within 15 minutes I usually call."

 Luca nodded. "Do you have any questions?"

 "Um yeah, could I have the number for the house?" I asked stabbing my food with my fork.

 "We're planning on getting a cell phone for you tomorrow when we go shopping?" Marry said.

 "Really? A phone?" I asked. Luca nodded. "Now I should just make it clear that in the foster family's I had been in I had to take care of it myself, and I couldn't do work and school. Plus I really wouldn't need it."

 After we finished dinner I offered to wash the dishes but they wouldn't let me. So while Luca did the dishes Marry showed me to my new room and helped me unpack. I heard her sigh so I looked over to her and asked "Is everything alright?"

 She toke a set on the end of the bed. "May I ask you something?" she asked looking at me.

 "Its about all my scars isn't it?" I asked looking at the ground.

 "Luca and I were told what happened, but if you want to talk to one of us feel free too. But I was wondering if the reason that you don't have friends is because of them. You don't have to tell me everything now, but I just wanted a yes or no answer."

 "Yeah, the ones on my arms, back, and legs I could hide but the these I couldn't," I side tracing them with m figure. "So like always either I would get bullied by all the girls and must of the boys while others just ignored me."

 "You do realize that you'd have to start school on Thursday?" She asked.

 "I was gonna ask about that tomorrow when we go shopping."

 "Good, we'll talk about while we shop. You just try and get some sleep. If you do need to take a shower, the bathroom is just down the hall. I got you a little bottle of shampoo and soap."

 "Thank you so much," I told.

 "Of course," she said getting up.

 "Good night."

 "Good night sweetie," she said walking out. I sat on the bed looking around. I really couldn't believe that any of this would happen again. I sighed getting back up and changed into my Eiffel Tower pajama pants and a white t-shirt and crawled into bed dozing off to sleep.


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