Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


26. A New Day

A New Day

 I woke to find Ashton's arm around my waist. I turned around and just looked at him. I knew that I had to start getting ready. I genteelly moved his arm off of me and got out of bed. I went downstairs are started making my breakfast like and other normal school day. 

 While I was eating I heard Ashton slowly come down the stairs rubbing his eyes. "Hey," he said.

 "Morning," I said to him. I had just noticed that he didn't have a shirt on and I still didn't have any pants on either.

 "I'll just get going," he said pointing behind him, in the direction of the front door.

 "You can have some breakfast first, if you want," I told him.

 "I'll just grab something at the studio," he said. "I'll see you latter," he added walking to the door.

 I finished eating and finished everything else I needed. Wrapping my tie of the day around my neck I slung my backpack over my shoulders and grabbed my phone. I slipped my shoes and went downstairs and outside. I locked the front door and put ear buds into each ear turning on some music. Finding new songs by a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. I let that play as I walked to school. 

 As the school came into view I tied my tie and slowly toke out my ears buds and turned off my music. Once I got in everyone was staring at me as I walked by. I walked over to my locker and toke out what I needed for Mr. Andrews.

 "What were you doing?" Someone yelled as they came up from behind me.

 I turned around to find a rushing Marcel coming up behind me. I continued walking to my class hopping I couldn't have to sit close to him today. I closed my eyes knowing where I was going so people wouldn't see me wanting to cry again.

 "Daisy," he yelled again.

 "Don't!" I yelled back getting in the classroom where only Mr.Andrews was in. "I really don't want to talk about it."

 "But I can explain," he said.

 "I don't want you to explain why you were drunk and kissing Jessica then yelled at me and when I did decide to come back you were sleeping with Jessica. So I don't want to here it," I said in is face.

 "Then what happened with Ashton?" He asked.

 "Nothing had happened," I said. But it was a bit more because I had told him everything and I had told nobody else close to anything.

 "Well it didn't look like that," he said as more people were walking in.

 "What are you talking about?" I asked but he walked away to the other side of the classroom and toke a seat.

 A few minutes after class had started Mr.Andrews wanted us to start acting out the play once again. As I got up girls started whispering 'slut' and 'whore'. Everything was coming back now. I grabbed my backpack and ran out of the room and found the nearest girl bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was starting not to reorganize who I was. I know people feel like this for sometime in their life, but I've been feeling like this for most of my life now. I washed off my face and now I could see my three scars. I pulled out the pair of pants that I have in my backpack and slip them on and take off the skirt. I toke out my ear buds and phone and let the music play as I pretty much run out of the school.

 Once I was far enough away from school I started walking not caring where I went.

~Ashton's POV~

 "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE JUST RAN OUT OF THE SCHOOL!" Luca yelled to the person on the other end of the line. "Why would she do that?" He asked. He angrily hung up the call he was on and said to us "You guys can be done for the day, I need to go try and find Daisy." 

 "Where could she have gone?" I asked.

 "I have no clue. All they said is that she ran out of class, then went to the bathroom, and ran out of the school."

 "I'll look around too," I told him getting home.

 "Us too," Calum said standing up. "She's become a part of the family."

 "We'll have nothing else to do anyway Calum," Luke said as Michael and him got up.

 "But the thing is, she doesn't know her way around and doesn't know where she'll be going because I doubt that she's heading home right now," Luca said.

 "We'll find her don't worry," I said. I will find her it take all night. I  want her back with me. Even though she's not mine.

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