Sidelle Parter is the unnormal kid in the class that makes remix`s of everything. She suddenly gets an internship to be the most famous actor and singer`s personal assistant, but suddenly that all changes when they crash land in Rome and the popstar`s dad comes and want something from the popstar. What is it that he want? And why does Sidelle Parter looks familiar to Jame? (Jame is the popstar)
Read this strange lovestory bout a girl that hate Jame, and Jame that is trying to get her love him, by the same time they don`t want to get killed.


1. job

Sidelle`s P.O.V.

I woke up to the sun burning my eyes, but then my hair came in the way. My hair is a lion, so I went to the bathroom and got dressed and brushed my teeth and hair, no one was home, not even my brother or sisters. Yeah, I`ve got one big brother and two little twin sisters, all three of them are so annoying. I took an Apple locked the door and ran for the bus, luckily the busdriver always wait for me to get there. When I walked in the hallway, I got some high fives and then found a seat next to my best friends; Alex and Roo. No Alex is not a Girl, he`s a guy. I sat next to Alex. He looks like one of those badboys that isn`t completely bad but he has that style, and Roo looks like a goth, though that`s not her personality at all. And I look like a normal girl with my puffy hair, hot shorts and a T-shirt that says: Fuck you!

"So any new remix`s?" Alex asked me, I nodded slowly, that meant that I`ve got a new remix for that stupid popstar Jame. (A\N There is no popstar named that, just imagine JB or AM or something) Jame is the most diva of them all, and sometimes he`s got to much make up on, so he looks like a girl. The bus tour didn`t take to long, so when we got there, they hadn`t opened yet. So all of us just stayed there until a teacher came, she was the school counselor. "Sidelle Parter!" she said, and I walked towards her. "Is there a problem? Have I done something wrong?" I asked her but she just gestured for me to come with her. (Her name is Ms Sawier)

We went to her office, She gestured for me to sit down so with no complaining I did.

"Me and the principal have been talking about your behavior."


"And we have decided that you should really need a job."

"A job? As in I`ll have to work?"

"A simple job. That`s why we have gotten you a interview to be Jame`s personal assistant."

"Wait, don`t I have something to say bout this?"

"NO!" It was a voice behind me that said that in union with Ms Sawier. I loked behind me to find the Principal Mr Soyer. It was funny cuz their surnames was spoken the same way but not written the same way. I spent the rest of the day there trying to get away from the job, until I rembered something from my past. And got to go home finally.


Next day:

I woke up to my hair almost strangling me. No one was home and I just got ready for my new job, cuz my stupid parents had actually written under a form so I could go this new job. I put on a black mini skirt, a white singlet and a white shirt. I took a cab to Jame`s agent`s office.

"Sit." Jame`s agent said, so did. "You`re hired." She then said and looked at me up and down. "What, that`s it?" I looked at her in confusion. "Yes that would be it." She said, now looking down at the iPad she was working on. I just went out of the office and a women came to me and gave me all the info bout Jame until I shut hr up cuz I knew all of what she was saying. So I went to the studio where Jame was filming his new music video.

When they finally took a break Jame went straight to me after he had given some high fives. He was incredibly sweaty, so I gave him a towel and he took over his shoulders. Jame looked at me suspiciously. "Where do I know you from? And why aren`t you screaming like all the other girls that becomes my assistant?" He asked and looked at me from top to toe. "Anyways, go get me a coffe." He ordered me to, so I went to a place at the set and ordered a coffe and a cappuccino. 

Jame looked at the coffe and wasn`t really happy bout it. "What is it? That`s what you ordered." I said and Jame looked at me and hung with the lip. "But I know that you don`t like coffe, so I ordered a cappuccino with caramel taste and cream on the top and bottom with chocolate sauce in between the cream on the top. Just how you like it." I handed him the Cappuccino and took the coffe to drink it myself. The following day went as this: I got all what Jame wanned except a cup of coco cuz he`s allergic to milk.


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