Sidelle Parter is the unnormal kid in the class that makes remix`s of everything. She suddenly gets an internship to be the most famous actor and singer`s personal assistant, but suddenly that all changes when they crash land in Rome and the popstar`s dad comes and want something from the popstar. What is it that he want? And why does Sidelle Parter looks familiar to Jame? (Jame is the popstar)
Read this strange lovestory bout a girl that hate Jame, and Jame that is trying to get her love him, by the same time they don`t want to get killed.


3. found out

Sid`s P.O.V.

That wasn`t true, I mean what Jame just told you. He was the one who screamed... And cried. But I tried to shut him up but he cept on screming like he was paid to do it. Then after some seconds everything went black.

When I woke up again I was at a hospital, and every inch of my body was hurting. I turned my head to see that Jame was still asleep... Or maybe dead, but then they wouldn`t have put him here. A doctor came in and and asked if everything was okay with me, she did it in italian so luckily I can every the Latin languages. I answered in Italian that everything was okay and when she`d gone again Jame woke up. "What the fuck happened?" He asked really tired. "I tuoi piloti ci hanno lasciato e simao in basso qui a Roma... I Predict." I answered. "What?" Jame asked and looked at me like I was the dumb one here. "Your pilots left the plane. We fell down to the ground. Now we here on a hospital." I said very clearly so he could understand me. "why didn`t you just say so then." Jame said annoyed.

We got out of the hospital bout a week afterwards. when we walked out of the hospital a lots of stupid papparazzi`s came and asked many questions, though they did it in italian. "Non ci sono commenti!" I said and dragged with me Jame who was more than happy bout being in pictures. After a while of walking we got rid og those annoying papparazzi`s. 

We got to a hotel and Idragged Jame in before he could protest. "We can try asking for a room, but they only take those who has a reservation." I said, but Jame had already gone to the reception lady and I could hear that Jame was a bit grumpy. "But you don`t undestand, we need a room. I`m Jame for damn sake!" Jame said, but the lady wanned to see the reservation we had. Obviously Jame didn`t understand cuz the lady didn`t speak english. "Shut up, Jame!" I said and then addaed to the lady: "Guardate la foto." I said, pointing at a picture of me and my dad when my dad and the earlier owner of this hotel sealed the deal so my father could have this hotel. The reception lady looked at the picture, wrote something at the laptop and then gave me the key to the top residence. Jame looked amazed and try to look at the picture but I dragged him along with me before he could take a look. 

"What was on the wall that pointed on?" Jame asked when we were in the elevator


"Must`ve been something, since that lady gave you a key to one of the rooms."

"It wasn`t anything special."

"Whatever. I`m gonna find out tomorrow when we go out again."

Pling! The elevator stopped and we got in the small little hallway. I took the key in the door and we got in. We were met by a big livingroom were it was huge windows instead of a wall there. Ok lets just say that the room looked like the one Alan, Doug, Phil and Stu lived in at The Hangover, just that it was only one bedroom with a double bed there. Damn it! Only one bed, I`m so screwed!

"WOW! Why did we get this room?!" Jame asked me shocked while he was checking out every inche of the hotel room. "Cuz my father owns it, the hotel  I mean. But he gave me all the top rooms on all of his hotels so I could go everywhere I wanned." I answered. Jame looked at me like he`d just figured out who I was, and he probably had too. "Sidelle Parter." Jame said.

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