Sidelle Parter is the unnormal kid in the class that makes remix`s of everything. She suddenly gets an internship to be the most famous actor and singer`s personal assistant, but suddenly that all changes when they crash land in Rome and the popstar`s dad comes and want something from the popstar. What is it that he want? And why does Sidelle Parter looks familiar to Jame? (Jame is the popstar)
Read this strange lovestory bout a girl that hate Jame, and Jame that is trying to get her love him, by the same time they don`t want to get killed.


2. Flights

Jame`s P.O.V.

Yesterday: I had gotten a fantastic new assistant, she only gave me what I wanned but could have. Why is she familiar? That I couldn`t understand. Today: I`m going to Africa cuz of the charity I`ve got down there, but first I`m going to London cuz of the plane. My assistant came over to me and she just stood there, waiting for my orders. Before I could tell her to go get me a cappuccino, she handed me one. "Ok, so where is my plane going?" I asked, and she looked down at her papers. "You`re first flying over America because we`re in L.A. Then over Irland and Wales, then to London. Then you`re flying over France, Italy, The Mediterranaen sea, Egypt, Sudan and then to Ethiopia." That was exactly how I wanned it explained. I always want to know what Countrys I fly over, don`t ask why. "You`re coming to aren`t ya?" I asked and she nodded while looking down at her papers.

The plane was ready to go, so me, my agent and my lovely assistant took the limo to get there. No one of us talked at the drive there. My agent was scheduling my time table for when we were in Adis Abeba. (A\N My brother is adopted from there, that`s why I picked it.) And my Assistant who I haven`t gotten the name of, were texting with some one. I was playing on my iPad. 

When we got there, suddenly my agent said that she was not to come, cuz she taking another plane. That was ok I guess, but my assistant was a bit more suspicious to that. We got onto the plane and found a seat, it was my privat jet, so it was really good chairs. "What did you say your name was again?" I asked my assistant, and she looked up. Her brown eyes was the same coulour as her hair, it was creepy yet she looked very pretty. "I didn`t." She answered. "But it`s... Sid. Sid Parter." she added. Sid Parter. That was familiar, but WHY!?

The flight took longer than espected. But we were going over The Atlantic so... We had to wait half an hour before the next flight, but that wasn`t that long. I wrote some autographs and took some pictures with some people and then took of for the next flight. 

We were over Italy when the captains came out to check upon us. "Is everithing alright here?" One of them asked. I think his name was bob but I call everyone of my employees for that except my favorites, wich mostly is all of the girls. "Who`s driving the plane?" My lovely assistant asked. I know her name but I just call her my lovely assistant. "The auto pilot, sure." I said, she just looked at me and shook her head. "This plane doesn`t have auto pilot." She said and then turned to look at the pilots. The pilots were gone. Suddenly I sameshed into the wall and almost fell to the floor, but before I could reach it... I got weightless. My lovely assistant was screaming, but I couldn`t get to her. But then I smashed into the floor, it hurt in bout a second then it all went black...


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