Im With The Cullens

This story is about a girl named Amber who is an unwanted member of the voltori.They only keep her because of her power. What happens when Amber finds out shes suposse to be a cullen? Will She Leave the voltori or will a war breck-out? READ TO FIND OUT!


2. Jacob knows all

"What do you know about me and how?" Amber asked thinking she had a stalker with her "Well Amber do you know the cullens?" Jacob asked "Yeah Aro starts fights with them all the time but im never involved....Why??" Amber asked "Your actally one of them..." Jacob said. There was a moment of silence while Amber wondered how she was a Cullen. "How am I a Cullen?" Amber asked with consire writeing all over her face "Long Story short... You are rosiles child. They kidnapped you when you where a baby and earsed the Cullens memory of you. What they didnt know though was I was there when you where born so I still had the memory of you and im trying to get the Cullens to rember you agian to" Jacob Explained. How could this be? I thought the members of the Voltori rasied me? Amber thought to herself. "Is this true?" Amber asked Jacob "Yes all of it, I swear it is!" Jacob responed. After Jacob left Amber ran downstairs to yell at the voltori. "I THOUGHT YOU GUYS RAISED ME!!! YOU GUYS ARE ALL LIARS!!" Amber said really angryly "we did! why do you think we didnt" Aro said consired on how she found out "YOU ALL ARE LIARS!!" Amber said even more angry that they lied to her agian. Jane was about to say pain to make Amber hurt like always when Amber got mad but this time Aro stopped her "NO Jane leave her alone with this one". Then Aro whispered "We need to get rid of her anyway" but Amber couldnt make out what he was saying.Amber ran upstairs crying and thinking about how shes been lied to her whole life and how she could have been rasied up a Cullen and not have had to worry about this junk. Amber had a plan and that plan was to run away to find the Cullens.....

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