Im With The Cullens

This story is about a girl named Amber who is an unwanted member of the voltori.They only keep her because of her power. What happens when Amber finds out shes suposse to be a cullen? Will She Leave the voltori or will a war breck-out? READ TO FIND OUT!


3. Charlie!!

That night while the Voltori was fighting agianst the wolf pack! Jacob somehow got away from the fight and helped me pack up to run away with him to find the Cullens. "Are you sure you want to do this Amber" Jacob asked with a smirk on his face "Yes!! im not staying here and taking this torute anymore Jacob!" I replyed holding back my tears, I didnt want Jacob to know I was so tender . As soon as we were done we heard the door open downstaris,It couldnt be the Voltori they were still fighting! Jacob ran downstairs to see who it was I followed after him, It couldnt be ... it was.... Charlie!! "Amber is that really you?!?" Charle said while stareing at me I just nodded and waved while he was holding his hands out for a hug "I missed you little scamper!" He said while ruffing my hair "I missed you to Grandpa" I repilyed with a chuckle. After we got caught up on Life the Voltori were almost at the door we looked at each other in panic . We ran out the window and ran into the woods . Where we were running to we didnt know but as long as we were together we were happy. We finally got to Charlies house we decided to try to see the Cullens and get them to rember me tomarrow. I hoped it would go well and so did Charle and Jacob.

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