Im With The Cullens

This story is about a girl named Amber who is an unwanted member of the voltori.They only keep her because of her power. What happens when Amber finds out shes suposse to be a cullen? Will She Leave the voltori or will a war breck-out? READ TO FIND OUT!


1. Aro's Backstory

"WE NEED MORE MEMBERS!" Aro shouted to the voltori "I hear that the cullens just had a new baby named Amber maybe we could kidnap her and rasie her to be a member?" Jane added "Yes,Yes good Idea but how will the cullens not find out?" Aro responed " I can brain-wash them"Another member said. Aro thought for A moment "O.K we"ll do it tonight" Aro said. That night They snuck into the cullen house and took Amber then they earsed all the memory the Cullens had of her. ~Fourteen years later~ "Aro we dont need her anymore she is no help to us" Jane complated "Shut Up! Her power is what helps us! and we cant get rid of her now its been to long" Aro responed. Amber was up in her room listening to music when she heard a knock on her window! OMG! it was Jacob Black! "AMBER IS THAT YOU!?!" he asked "Yeah how do you know my name? " Amber responed "If only you knew how much I knew about you Amber".    A/N . YEAHHH first chapter! I know its short but hang in there it gets better! In the meantime enjoy some of my other books!

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