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Izzy's friends always talk about this band named "1D", I have no clue who they are. Everybody always talks about Harry Styles and his abs. Then one day I meet them all. And I think I found my soulmate. <3


7. Walks on Beaches, and Sunsets. Izzy's part

      Me: "Yeah, I'll meet you over there, I have to tell Emily quick" Harry: "Ok love."  I jog over to where Emily is looking up into the sky, looking for the little dipper. Me: "Hey Emily me and Harry are going for a walk, don't go in the water, and don't get off that towel, got it?" Emily: "So, are you guys like dating?" She has that jealous look in her eyes. Me: "No I guess just "friends". Emily: "Ok if that's what it's called." She winks at me. Me:"Emily!" She thinks we are going to do it on the beach. Emily: "My friends from school want to know if I can sleep over with them. They live right over there.? Please Izzy, mom would never me." Me:"Ok but be good, I'll go stay with Ella. Be good call me if you need anything. I love you." Emily: "Thank you Izzy. I will, I love you to." We hug and kiss and then I run off to find Harry. Me: "Hey, Harry." Harry: "Hello love, we rented out that beach house right there if you want to stay with us." Me: "Really? I mean yeah sure." Harry: "Okay let's go, but first." He leans in and we touch noses. He puts one hand in my hair and the other around my waist. I but both my arms around his neck. And I whisper "I really like you Harry, even though we just met I might even love you." 

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