Who are you?

Izzy's friends always talk about this band named "1D", I have no clue who they are. Everybody always talks about Harry Styles and his abs. Then one day I meet them all. And I think I found my soulmate. <3


8. The Beach House.

     After me and Harry kissed for a couple of minutes on the beach, we went inside of the beach house. Me: "Harry, wanna go to your room?" I ask while biting my lip. Harry: "Sure" We walk into his bed room and I saw all the other boys crashed in the living room. Me: "Hold on". I run to the bathroom and quick open my purse I quickly shave my legs and pits, and...... you know. I scrumbed my teeth. and then changed into my "sexy" ligerine I still had in my purse from when me and Will did it the other day. Wait......I'm still dating Will!! Oh, well the long distance thing won't work anyways. Wait I'm supposed to run away with Emily tomorrow! I'm gonna have to rethink this whole thing in the morning. I rush out of the bathroom and into the room I though was Harry's. I walked in on Niall, (the blondie right?) on top of someone! I quickly but quietly shut the door. I go into the next bedroom and Harry's laying on the bed....naked! He has such a sexy body!! I hop onto the bed with him .........;);)

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