Who are you?

Izzy's friends always talk about this band named "1D", I have no clue who they are. Everybody always talks about Harry Styles and his abs. Then one day I meet them all. And I think I found my soulmate. <3


1. Me.

      Well, today I finally get out of this prison called High School. I mean it's not that bad, since my rich father gives the school money every month so they give me decent grades. I'm not joking either, father gives the school 1.3 million every school year. Good thing today is the last day! I'm a senior at Mary Morgan High, and I'd say I'm popular, but only because I'm rich. Well I'm not rich just my dad, I mean father!.

       I live with my mom in West London, because my parents got divorced when I was five and since then I haven't talked to my dad. Once, when I was 14 he called telling me I was gonna go and live with him but, I fought with him and fought and he finally gave it up. He said he was gonna give me money so I could get into a good school, and then so I could have decent grades. I hate him. I'm supposed to call him father but screw that. 


      I have a best friend that likes ME, not my money, Her name is Ella. She has red hair like Ariana Grande. It's so pretty, well at least I think so. I have straight blonde hair that is about an inch past my shoulders. She has brown eyes, and dark skin. We've been best friends since 2nd grade. She knows all my secrets and I known all hers. She always tells me to go and watch these videos about this band, 1D? Well, I haven't yet, because I don't really care about any other boys than Will.


      Will is my perfect boyfriend he plays all the sports his school pays for, he's a beach boy, he's hot and sexy, and he's mine. He's a year older then me and he's in college to be a nurse. He has shaggy blond "surfer boy" hair, and those magical blue eyes, with the yellow around the blue, like a sun. He was my first real boyfriend. And he's the one I want to marry. And whenever my dad sends me money just because I always give Will some. Father gives me money twice a month and of course I'm going to give Will some since his mom just got laid off her teaching job. Well, it's hard to live off a teacher's salary any ways. Will works as a miner to help get the family more money. So between work,school, sports and, seeing his family he still makes time for me. He has 1 older brother, 3 younger sisters, and 2 youngers brothers. He's got quite the family to feed so I always help cooking over there, since my mom is always at the bar anyways. 

     Mom, I don't like calling her mom. She doesn't do shit for us kids. It's just me and my younger sister. Emily. She could be my daughter, she looks so young and I look so old. Since I'm super tall for 18, 6'4, and she's super short for 13, 4'10. I do everything around the house I cook and clean. I'm tired of it.





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