Who are you?

Izzy's friends always talk about this band named "1D", I have no clue who they are. Everybody always talks about Harry Styles and his abs. Then one day I meet them all. And I think I found my soulmate. <3


10. Emily's Sleepover

                   Izzy let me stay the night at Natilie's tonight!! Debby would never let me do this! I started to feel really bad. If Izzy would of know Natilie's back round, would she still let me sleepover? Proly not.

    Well Natilie is what people would call emo or goth. She usually wears black or really really dark purple or blue if shes feeling happy. I never even wear a little bit of eyeshadow, and she wears the heavy black eyeliner. But, you can't judge a book by it's cover. She's a really friendly person I just think she's happy to have a friend. 

    I saw her sliting her wrists, Me: "Natilie don't cut yourself!!" Natilie: "I always do this I'm ugly, fat, emo, and goth, I don't like myself like you do." Me: " Natlie you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and you weigh less then me and I only weigh 85 pounds!! You don't have to wear black all the time, and just be happy with yourself!" I said in a nice voice and she took it as an insult. Natilie: "You don't understand what my life is like!! I hate myself! I flipping hate my life!!" She stormed down the hallway into her and her sisters bathroom. I heard her wincing and balling. I ran down and tried to open the door. It was locked. Me: "Natalie let me in your my only friend and we can work through this together!" Natilie: "No! I just want to die!!" Me: "No Nat don't do what I think your doing!!!!" I was furious and terrified. I tried to reach the top of the door frame. One day at school we were talking about why people always put the house key under the welcome mat, and she said that she put hers on top of the door frame. I sprint over to her bedroom and look around for something, anything I can push over to the bathroom, stand on, and get the key. The only problem is that I'm short and weak. I take a big look around the room, the only thing I could move was the bed. I push with all my might. I try calling sissy a bunch trying to get her to come help me. She didn't answer, not once. I pondered about running down to Ella's where I thought Izzy was staying,  it would be to late. I finally pushed it all the way down to the bathroom. I jumped on the bed until I had the "air" to feel for the key. It wasn't even there!!!! 



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