Who are you?

Izzy's friends always talk about this band named "1D", I have no clue who they are. Everybody always talks about Harry Styles and his abs. Then one day I meet them all. And I think I found my soulmate. <3


3. Beach Day, Bad Day, Good Day. :)

    Emily and I finally reach the beach, even though I took moms corvette she won while gambling. It's packed!!! These no parking spots! There is usually about 3 or 4 cars! Today there is at least 500! There is cars parked all the down and back up the road! I look over at Emily and say, "Are you sure you wanna go? It's pretty damn packed." Emily: "I've been waiting for this moment my whole life!" Me:" What moment? Going to the beach with the best sister ever?" I say while flipping  my hair and batting my eyelashes. Emily: "Hell no! I get to meet One Direction today!!" Me: "Who's that? Is it that gay boy band?" Emily: "You bitch!" She says while smiling so I know shes kidding. Emily: "It's the sexiest, hottest band alive!!" Me: "Oh them, Ella talks about them all the time." Emily: "Yeah, well there here! Lets go park before the crowd arives!" Me: "This isn't the crowd?!" Emily: "Not even close!" Me: "Fuck." I start driving down the road and find a decent parking space. We both get out of the car and grab our towels. Me: "Oh CRAP!!" Emily: "What?" Me: "We only have one towel!" Emily:" Well you can have it." Me:"No this is a special day for you I want it to happy." Emily:" Ok" Me:" Wow I'm gullible." Emily starts skipping through the parking lot when she falls on the only patch of concrete in a miles radius. Emily: "OWWWWW!!! THAT'S JUST MY FRICKEN  LUCK!" Me: "Language we are in public, are you okay babe?" Emily: "No it hurts really bad sissy!"  She was way ahead of me since she was skipping, and I"m running to her rescue. Me: I'm going to pick you up and carry you to the beach, I'll  lay a towel down and I'll find somebody with a first aid kit. Ok?" Emily: "Kk" I scoop Emily off the ground, she's so light it's makes carrying her a breeze. I look at her "scrape" and its worse then that it was a scrape but then it's worse then that. It looks like she fell on a Bud Light bottle,and now there's a piece of glass in her knee. She crying in pain. I feel terrible for letting her skip ahead like that. Me: : "I'm sorry I let you fall and get hurt." She just cries out in pain. 

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