A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


12. You what??

~Emily POV~



I woke up to the girls going though my clothes. "Come on get up take a shower so I can do your hair" El said with a smile. I got up and went to the bathroom took a shower blow dryer my hair went out to my room in just a towel "where are my clothes" I asked "on your dresser" I nodded. I got dress Perrie started doing my makeup and El was straightening my hair Dani was finding a cute pair of shoes for me to wear while I was just siting there. Perrie finished my make up she only put in a little eyeliner with mascara and lip gloss. After that El finished my hair she did a little French braid in my side bangs. My outfit was my white skinny jeans with a blue holister shirt with my gray sparrys by that I got my bag went down stairs.


" Good morning" I said sitting down at the table ate my pancakes gave all the boys kisses on the cheeks that aren't going Zayne and Louis took me toms hook when i got there I gave them a kiss on the cheek and Louis a hug. "Bye Em" Louis said " bye" I smiled and walked in to the school and right there was Elissa the Brat in the school " We'll isn't little miss popstar" " what do u want Elissa" I asked a little mad " just stay way from my man and nothing will happen" as on who" I asked "Zach he is mine if u date him I will ruin your life" " don't worry I think the clowns would stop you before u came to me" I said bumping her shoulder while I was walking by. 


I knew she was looking so I went over to Zach "Hey what's up with Elissa she just treated me that if I dated you that she would come after me she said that you were hers" he looked at me concerned and what did you say to her" he asked with a smile while starting to walk to first peroid " I told her that th eclowns would stop her before she did anything to me" I said with a smile. He laughed " that's a good one if funny cause know in the past ever talked back to her" he said " that was the past I'm here it's the future" I said with a giggle.


~skip to lunch~ I went to lunch and sat next to the girls and we talked for a little bit "so Emily how are you and Zach" Sarah said " good we are friends and I want to keep it that way for a least awhile" i said while bblushing " I can't believe you seen it yet in his eyes" sarah said a little but to loud " shhh keep your voice down" I said " he likes you Emily he told Anthony the other day" Anthony is Sarah's boy friend " oh well nice to know" I said "Em come here" a fimilar voice said it was Zach I got up went to his table sat next to him "hey" " hey I wanted you to meet the guys" he told me everyone and then we talked for a little bit "okay well I better go back over to my table before Elissa sees us her makeup mite runaway" I said with a giggle. When I got back we talked for a little bit then bell to get back to class went off here goes the rest of the day 

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