A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


21. Why didn't you tell me!

Emily POV


Today has been great I got to hang out with Zach and the girls. Right now im on my way home to finish packing. I heard a car stop next to me I looked over to see it was Zayne and Perrie "get in" Perrie said. I got in "we are going the store to get me some more eyeliner" Perrie said "okay" I said. As I said it I got a text from Louis


BooBear - Where in the carrots are you??

Me- Im with Zayne and Perrie

Boo Bear- how they went to the store

Me- I was walking home and they saw me and picked me up that simple

Boo bear- Okay get home safe <3



He is so over protective some times. But that is Lou. We got to the store I got out and went in with Perrie so I could get more mascara and lip gloss. We went to the make up department. I saw Perrie sprinting over to the eye liner. I laughed and got my mascara and Lip gloss I went over to Perrie she had 3 liquid eyeliners and 3 regular "I think you have enough Perrie" I said smiling "okay lets go" she said walking to the check out we got that done. We went back to the car. We went home. I got out and went in side "We are home" I yelled "finally" Louis said running to me with arm wide when he was really close and was about in front of me I ducked down so he didn't hug me.


I laughed "that's not funny now get your arse off the floor and give me a hug" he said smiling. I got up and gave him  a long hug. I let go but he was still holding on to me "Louis let go" he let go "fine" he said in a sad voice. I laughed and went into the living room and saw a random girl sitting next to Niall with there fingers entwined "who is that" I said kind of mad.



 No one answered "Niall James Horan you better answer my question" I said crossing my arms "fine its my girlfriend her name is Jayden" he said smiling "why didn't I know about her" I said with tears in my eyes "because I didn't know how to tell you" "you could of told me when I met the girls" "I could've but I wasn't thinking" "yea you weren't think just when a couple weeks ago you said I could trust you and we could tell each other anything" I said walking up the stairs



"Em wait please" Louis said. Once he said that I closed my door and locked it I went to my closet and got my suit case for Fiji and started packing. I didn't want to think of what just happened I turned on my doc and plugged in my phone and started listening to beneath your beautiful. I went to my closet and got 3 bathing suits. One of them is a aqua blue color with white poke-a-dots it was a bikini. The second one what white with black writing on it with a pink bow in the front the bottoms was the same but there were bows on the side. The last one is a plain strapless black bikini with pink bottoms.


Now outfits before I got to my closet I heard a knock on the door "who is it" "Niall James Horan" "go away" "no not until we get to talk" "well then your going to be out there for awhile" "come on Em u cant stay mad at me forever we have to sit by each other on the plane" "no I don't I will tell Louis that im sitting next to him" "no you wont" "Niall leave me alone or is there something else that I need to know" "Harry has a girlfriend to" wait what..


A/N Hey guys that's for all the favorites and the likes and there you go going to write another chapter in alittle bit so if u still want to be in the story this your last change:)

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