A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


20. The Day with my Favs

~Emily POV~


I went up stairs. I turned around and yelled "goodnight". I got a chorus of goodnights. After everyone of course Louis yells "Goodnight Em Love you" "love you too Lou" I said shutting my door I went to my clostet changed my clothes. I went to the bathroom wiped up my makeup and went to my bed. I checked my phone. I got a text from Zach


Zach:)- Hey:)


Me- Heyy


Zach- So about tomorrow what time do u want me to pick you up?


Me- How about 11? im meeting up with the girls at 2:30 then im on a plane for Fiji.


Zach- Great! okay well I will pick u up around 11:)


Me: Alright goodnight:)


Zach-Night Em


I smiled and laid down. I fell asleep a little after.

~skip to morning~

I woke up to my alarm beeping in my ear. I groaned and but my pillow on my face. Then I remember I had a date with Zach today I smiled. I got up and Texted El

El<3- hey can u help me with something please??

A couple minutes later I heard a knock on the door "come in" it was El "what do you need" "Help me get ready for Zach an I's date" I said smiling "Of Course!!" she said smiling. We went to my clothes we finally agreed on something it was a flower print knee high dress with a white cardigan she straightened my hair and French braid my hair I but on some mascara and lip gloss. "thanks El" I said butting on my white flats. "your Welcome I looked at my phone its 10:50.


I went down stairs "good morning" I said to see everyone wide eyed at me " what" I said a little confused "where are you going" "on a date" I said going to the kitchen opened the fridge and got MY grape juice. I don't let anyone have any. "what do u mean a date" Niall said "im going on a date with someone and we will hangout till 2ish then I will be hanging out with the girls then im coming home and finishing packing. then we will leave for Fiji" I said by that the door bell rang. "I got it" I said. I opened the door to see Zach "hey" he said "hey" so should we go" Yea hold on Louis im leaving be back by 4 bye love u" I yelled "wait!" he said I closed the door "go go go before he gets out here" I said he nodded and ran out of the gate im right beside him. I smiled and laughed once we got away "okay so what are we doing " I said nudging his shoulder. "its a surprise" "I hate surprises though"" well then I guess your still going to have to wait" he said laughing. I nodded madly "Aww come on Em be happy" he said  grabbing my hand. He squeezed it. "here but this on" he said giving me a blind fold I put it on. "if I fall im blaming it on you" I said he let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around me "you will be fine trust me" he said "okay" I said


~10 Minutes Later~


We finally got there. "Can I take this thing off now" I said "yep" I took it off and standed there in shock no way" I said. He brought me to the London eye. "you remembered". I always told him how much I wanted to go on the London eye. " Why would I forget it" he said we walked up hand and hand up to it. We got on and we were the only ones on it. "thanks Zach for this I said hugging him "my pleasure and thank you for being you and not a fake" he said "why your welcome" I said laughing.


~skip to her with the girls~


Me and the girls all went to Starbucks. "so tell us everything" Tatyana said "we went on the London eye then we had lunch and then we walked around the park and talked" I said " and" Sarah said "we held hands and hugged most of the time I said in a softer tone "omg it going to happen you guys are going to get married and have the cutest baby's alive" Tatyana said. I laughed we talked about school and Fiji until I had to leave im going to miss them a lot...


A/N Hey guys!! sorry I haven't been able to update so I will be announcing the winners of being Harry and Niall girlfriends in the next chapter just to remember to like and Favorite my movella:)

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