A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


22. secrets before we go

Louis POV


I hate seeing her hurt it kills me. I know she's not my daughter but she is everything I wanted in a daughter she's sassy like me. She looks like El in the face. She has my eyes. I just wish that the mates would stop keeping secrets from her. I need to talk to her now.


Emily POV


I was shocked Niall and Harry have girlfriends and I never met neither of them. "Who is it" I said to him shocked "her name is Leonor" Harry said walking in the door "Lets talk about this in the Living room" I said they nodded and walked out before I could Louis. just the person I wanted to see I dropped my bag and ran into his arms and cryed into his chest "what have they told you" "Niall and Harry have girlfriends" I said backing away.


"alright lets go down there and talk okay" "okay" . He started walking out the room "are you coming" he said smiling "give me a piggy back ride I don't want to walk" I said smiling "alrighty then" he came over to me and turned around I jumped on his back and we walked down stairs I had my head on his shoulder we got to the bottom and I saw a flash I looked up it was El taking a piture of us "that's a keeper" she said with a smile I laughed. I got off Louis and sat next to El on the couch.



 Louis sat next to me "what time does the plane leave" Zayne asked "about hour or so" "okay lets get this over with so we can leave and get out of here" I said "I want to know all the secrets that you guys have" I said leaning on to Louis's shoulder "M and Louis don't have any" El Said "we don't" Dani said talking about her and Liam. "We don't" Perrie and Zayne said "I do" Niall said. "what are they" "Jayden she's umm she um" he stuttered "she um what" I said "she's moving in" "oh okay that's for the heads up" Louis said "no one new about this" I said looking at everyone. They all nodded no "wow okay" "I don't have any more secrets" Harry said. " I have a secret to that only El knows " im dating Zach" I said Perrie and Dani screamed I laughed I turned to Louis. He had a smile on his face "why are you smiling" I said kind of worried "Im happy for you" he said.



"alrighty lets get everything in the cars so we can go to Fiji!!" Liam yelled.We all got up and went to everyone's room to get there stuff I got the rest of my stuff that I need.I zipped my bag and went down stairs took out to the drive way I saw Zach over at the gate I walked up to him "what are you doing here"i said smiling "you really think that I wouldn't come see my girlfriend before she left for a week"he said grabbing my hands. "maybe, maybe not" I said looking down at are hands "well you thought wrong then" he said then we got interrupted by Louis "Em lets got kiss your boyfriend good bye" he said yelling at us "Okay" I yelled "Bye" I said "bye Em make sure to call or text me everyday" he said kissing me. It felt like sparks in my stomach. How in the hell can I fell that when im only 14. We pulled back we both smiled "bye" I said loosing my grip on his hands and walking away. I smiled back at him and got in the car.



 He started leaving we drove out of the drive way "hey zachie poo where's my kiss" Niall said. Zach turned around "check Emily's lips" he said smiling and turning around I blushed and crouched down "wait a second you guys kissed" Zayne said "yea Louis said kiss your boyfriend good bye and so I did yell at Louis for saying it not me" I said "I need to think before I say" Louis mumbled I laughed and kissed his cheek. Off to Fiji we go

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