A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


13. lets go to fiji

~Emily POV~


School just ended and Zach and a couple of his friends and the girls are coming over to hang out to play some football (as in actual). " So whose on whose team" Tatyana said " I don't know about the rest of you guys but im going to be on my boyfriends team" Sarah said grabbing Matts hand "Okay so matt and sarah on one team me and Emily on one and tatyana go on sarah's team and we get Hunter" Zach said " Okay and by the way we might have a couple of extra players and they suck" I said "Who?" Zach said " My dad and his band" I said smiling.


We arrived at the gate I pressed the button "Who is it" Louis yelled "Me now let me in dumby" I said while giggling "okay" he said opening the gate I said thank you and walked in. We walked through the drive way" Oh yea ummm Zach you might get attacked with questions by my dad" I said blushing. "Why" Sarah said "long story" Zach said blushing. We walked in "Guys im home" I yelled in the kitchen" Niall said "of course you are" we walked to the kitchen.



"okay guys this is Zach,Matt,Sarah, and Hunter" I said "Are you the guy that we saw on are camera" Louis said oh god this is going to get awkward "yes" Zach said "oh well nice to meet you" Louis said. Wow im shocked he didn't flip out "alright im going to change so come on guys" I said walking towards the stair we walked up them. "okay while I get ready you guys can hang out  in the game room" I said "there's a game room man this house is getting better and better" Hunter said while walking into the game room. I changes in to some gray sweatpant and I put on one of my white American eagle shirt fixed my make up. I walked into the game room and saw the guys. Playing C.O.D. "okay lets go" I said walking down the stairs "This is going to be fun" Zach said. "By the way nice pink bra you have on" Zach whispered in my ear and chuckled "Shut up" I said giggling. "guys were going to play football if you want to play all of them came out. "this means war" Louis said with a weird accent. "okay Harry and Louis on are team and Niall,Liam and wait wheres Zayne" I asked "he didn't want to play" Liam said "Then he can be ref ZAYNE GET OUT HERE NOW" I yelled he screamed like a little girl and came out here "what" I asked "you are going to be ref "okay"


"okay we have to put a dare on this" Zach said "hey I like this boy" Harry said. " how about the losing team gets a  makeover from the winning team and then the winning team can post it on all there social networks" I said "Deal" everyone shaked each others hands "okay lets start"


~Zach POV~

I think I might have some serious feelings for her. But back to the game Emily had the ball im in the end zone "Emily here" I yelled she threw the ball it best spirual I have ever seen I got "touchdown" I yelled we just won the game "alright lets do this" Emily said we all started walking into the house we all were by the pool having to go inside. I was thinking of Em...Emily just pushed me in the pool " how dare you" I said laughing. she put her finger on her lips "oops" she said before laughing "I will get you back don't worry" ohh im so scared" yep that's right im in love with this girl. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!


~End of the day~


Emily POV


Everyone is leaving I said bye to everyone I walked all of them out to the gate by guys I said know it was only me and Zach waiting for his mom to pick him up "that was fun we have to do that again" Zach said "yea that would be fun" "yea" "how about tomorrow you and me could just hangout here and we could have a movie marathon or something and play C.O.D"  " that sounds great" by that his mom pulled up "okay well see you tomorrow ill text you in a couple of minutes" he said kissing me on the cheek. "k bye" I said walking back in to the house seeing everyone on the cameras again "seriously guys leave him alone"  I said "never!" Harry and Liam said together they looked at each other and started laughing "okay okay family meeting" we all sat on the couch "I wanted to go on are first family vacation together any suggestions" Louis said "I prefer some wear hot" he said "FIJI" I yelled "yea I never been there lets go there everyone else agreed "okay looks like were going to figi in a week after the MTV awards" Louis said "okay well Zach is coming over tomorrow to hang out and he is going to the mtv awards too so he can get ready here to" I said "okay wait why is he going" "his dad is in the music buissness"


Well looks like I got a busy week ahead of me!:)


A/N Hey okay so I need Two people that want to be harry and naill's Girlfriends

I need to know


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