A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


19. Keep me safe

~Emily POV~


Im so nervous im walking down the stairs slowly trying to think to how to tell him. I go up to the back door and opened it Louis is standing by the grill cooking. I went up to him "Louis can I talk to you" He looked at me "sure what's up" "Umm when me and Zach were in the hall way at the awards we umm we" "Spit it out Em" "we kissed" I said "They kissed" El said walking up and wrapping her arm around me. I looked up at her and smiled.


"Why didn't you tell me early" "cause I didn't know how to tell you" "Em u can tell me anything I will never be mad at you unless its like smoking or something" he said I laughed "Trust me that's not on ythe things I want to do before im 21" I said laughing


"Hey Em is Zach coming over" Liam said. "I looked over at Louis" "sure why not" "YAY!!" Niall said before I could "Niall he is my friend not yours" I said laughing "Yea but he is really cool" he said pouting. "whatever" I said he smiled. I nodded and went in side to call Zach.


E- Emily  Z-Zach

Z- Hey Em


Z- Not much hanging out at my house watching TV

E- Cool I wanted to see if you wanted to come over we are having a party and everyone is here. Niall wants to see u the most out of all of them

Z-Yea sure ~laughed tell Niall im on my way

E- Alright bye

Z- Bye

I texted El tell her to help me get ready. In about 5 minutes the girls were up here Perrie picked out my outfit she picked my white skinny jeans my blue plaid button up with my white Sperry's. El French braided my hair in to a head band. Dani did my make up simple mascara lip gloss and some eyeliner. "There u go beautiful" Dani said "thanks guys"



 bye then the doorbell rang " I will get it" I yelled on the top of my lungs. I ran to the door. I opened the door. I was Zach "hey" I said "hey" he said giving me a hug. "okay lets go out back before Niall flips. "okay" we walked to the door. "Niall he is here" I said "YAY!!" he screamed and ran over to give Zach a hug Zach ran away. I laughed "Hey get back here" Niall said hold a piece of Chicken in his hand they came back to me "Tag your it" Niall said and ran away with Zach I walked over to Liam "tag your it I said laughing running away. I turned around to see Liam Tagging Louis. He ran away Harry was already gone by the time Liam was it Zayn is on the other side of me. Louis Tagged El and ran. El tagged Dani "shit we are dead meat" Zayn said running. Dani saw me just standing there I smiled and ran. She finally got Zach haha sucker.


We finished the game and ate. "So Zach I heard you and my daughter kissed tonight "OH god Louis don't" El said. Zach looked over at me and blushed. "I don't care that u date my daughter but if you hurt her heart you will have one angry boy band to mess with" he said "okay Zach come on before he becomes weird I said grabbing his hand and dragging him up to my room "Im sorry about Louis he is a retard" I said blushing "its fine and by the way you look cute when u blush" he said laughing "So when do I get this date of ares" I said laying my head on his lap and looking up "How about tomorrow we can do a couple hours before u guys go to Fiji" he said kissing my cheek. "sounds like a plan to me" I said smiling "alrighty then let watch a movie cause I don't want to go home yet" he said smiling "alright I get to pick this time "said getting up. "how about meet the millers" I said "sure" he said. "alright".


I bent down to put the movie in. I knew he was looking at my butt. "Nice view isn't Mr. MArtin I said backing to get the remote "you bet" he said smiling. I rolled my eyes. "ill be right back im changing into something more comfortable" I said walking to my closet I grabbed my White sweat pants and a blue t shirt. I changed and went back out and layed down next to Zach I had my head on his chest and he a had a arm around me. w ewatched the movie at the end we were both fast asleep til Louis came in and yelled at us cause we were sleeping together I sweare he can be so mean sometimes Zach left I said bye he kissed my cheek and walked out the door "text me" he said "will do" I said walking in to the house and up to my room. I cant wait til tomorrow Get to spend it with Zach and family and hopefully the girls haven't talk to them for awhile.


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