A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


29. interview

Emily POV

Today i have my first tv interview with Alan Carr! I cant wait.. I woke up and went down stairs and got breakfast and then went back to my room and took my shower. After i was done i wrapped my self in a towel and went to my closet and picked out a high low blue dress and the top was black and the bottom was blue and my black sandals. I went to the bathroom and blowed dried my hair and curled it to the perfect curls and did a small amount of make up. Then i went down stairs and el and the girls we smiling and we all took some pictures and then the boys and us went to the car and went to the alan carr studio.

When we got there the boys hair sylist fixed my hair and painted my nails. Then it was time for the interview.

( A- Alan E- Emily)

A- hello everybody today we have a special special guest Emily Tomlinson!

(The crowd cheers)

I walked down the stairs and waved to everyone and went to the couch.

A- Do you want some thing to drink

E- Do you have pepsi

A- Pepsi? What kind of person likes pepsi

E- Me im only 14

A- True

I smiled

A- alright its time to play a game

E- Yay!

A- its a yes or a no to each question no ums or maybes

I nodded

A- Are you single

E- No

A- Is Louis your favorite


A- Do you think you look like louis

E- No

A- Was Fiji fun

E- yes

A- do you think you are the most responsible out of all the boys

E- yes

A- alright end of that game

E- that was fun

A- So who is your favorite

E- Niall

A- whos the lucky lad

E- his name is zach

A- alright so i have heard from a little bird that u can sing

E- that little bird is right

A- are you going to sing for us

E- yes

A- Great! Here you go ( gives me a microphone)

I go over to the stage and start singing Sweater Weather and in the middle of the song the guys came out and sang with me i smiled. " thats the end of the show goodbye" alan says into the camera and then i wave and then we leave and just sit around and have a lazy day and watch movies..

I dont even remember what i had for dinner..

A/n thanks for the support guys im think of having a co- author since i cant update alot so if u wanna be on just comment and i will pick someone:)

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