A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


7. First Day Of School

~Emily POV~


I woke up this morning to the get up song Niall was screaming in my ear. "Niall get away from me before I bite your ear off" I said with my face in my pillow. "Em you got get up you have to go to school" after that I was already on my way to my closet. " K I will be down in a minute get out so I can get ready and tell the girls to come up here" I said looking trough my clothes I found what I wanted to wear. It was black skinny jeans with my grey rolling stones shirt with a black beanie. "Emily Liam said you wanted us" El said "Yea Would you guys help me get ready" I said "Heck yea!" Dani said.


I showed them what I was going to wear they decided to curl my hair. Perrie did my makeup. She put on some lip gloss, eyeliner, and some mascara. Then Dani was doing my toe nails she was painting them read with black flowers o them "thanks girls for the help I said putting on my beanie. " No problem it was fun we should do that everyday but tomorrow I get to choose your outfit" Dani said "of course" I said with a smile. I got my Vera Bradley bag and headed down stairs when i got there i went to the kitchen to see the guys cooking breakfast "Hurry up and eat so we can get you to school"  Harry said. I ate my pancakes and got on my shoes I was wearing high tops that are black. "Lets Go I don't want to be late" I yelled "alright were coming" Everyone came to the door. "Louis I have the same outfit you have on it my closet" I said with a smile. "awww were twins" he said with a smile. I chuckled and walked out the door and into the car I sat b Liam and Zayne.



Louis was driving and harry was in the front seat Niall and the girls were in the back. We got there they let me out. I said bye to everyone and have Louis a hug. I walked in side "Hello Welcome to North Union how can I help you" the lady at the front desk said. "Hi I'm new here my name is Emily Tomlinson" I said with a smile she went to the computer and printed something out. Here is your timetable wait here so I can get Tatyana to help you get to your first class" she said while walking off.



She came back with a girl behind her she had brown hair with blond highlight and she was really pretty "Hey Tatyana" she had a smile on her face "Lets see what you have first" she looked at my timetable "we have all the same classes" "awesome I said we walked out so were are you from" " I'm really from homes chapel but I moved to London and got adopted" "Why did you get adopted" she asked with a confused look on her face. "My parents died in a car accident when I was nine" I said choking back the tears. "oh im sorry" she said looking down. "its fine im kinda over it now" I said with a smile.


"Well we are here we are English class" she said we walked in and went to the teacher "Mrs.Harrah we have a new student her name is Emily" Tatyana said "oh hello welcome to English class well since you now Tatyana why don't you go sit by her" Mrs.Harrah said "Okay i said with a smile and went over to tatyana "she sounds pretty nice" i said to her  "she is she is my favorite teacher here" she said. After that we all got interrupted my the door opening and a guy came in he had brown hair with blues just like me but he was my age. "Well look who decided to join us go take a seat Zach he sat on the right of me. Well this is going to be a great day:)

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