A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


34. first concert

Emily POV

Today is the day that the guys start there tour for midnight memories!! I woke up to see Zach already awake on twitter. I looked at him and kissed his cheek " good morning" " morning babe" I heard my phone go off from twitter. I opened the app to see that Zach tagged me in a picture. It was a picture of us and I was sleeping. I screamed ad looked at him. " I look terrible!" I said in a mad voice. " aww you look fine shut up" he said smiling. "Fine" I said getting up. Zach got up and we went to the kitchen. Everyone was up and on their phones. I heard a corse of awes.

I was really confused in what they were talking about until louis talked. " ok I know I shouldn't be saying this as the father but you guys look adorable in that picture" he said smiling. " he does I don't I look like a lion." " but it's adorable" Zach said kissing the top of my head. I smile and went to the actual kitchen area and got breakfast. Harry cooked eggs and bacon. I got my plate and so did Zach. We sat down and ate. I finished my plate. "So what are we doing today" I said sitting back in my chair.

" at 2 we have to go to the stadium for sound checking" Liam said. I looked at my phone it was 10:30. " so we could have a lazy day til then or we can go shopping" Niall said all the girls and I said shopping and so did louis and Zayn. "Alright we are going shopping" Harry said.

Zach and I went to our room to get ready for the day. Zach was in the shower. I didn't need a shower I went to my suitcase and picked out my outfit I was going to wear my red skinny jeans with my striped shirt and my suspenders down with my white vans. I went to louis room and told him to wear his he smiled and nodded and went to go get ready. I went back to my room.

I walked into Zach just in a towel. I screamed he laughed " I forgot my clothes shut up" I laughed and went to the bathroom got my makeup bag and went to the mirror on door and sat there and did my make up. I felt someone hot breath on my neck. I turned my head and kissed Zach " you don't need makeup" he said rubbing my back. " yes I do" I said getting the mascara out of my bag and applied it. Zach was laughing " what are you laughing about" I turned to him. " your face when you put that stuff on" he said laughing. I shook my head and got up and went to the bathroom but my hair into a stylish bun.

We went to the living room where everyone is. We all walked out go into separate cars and went to the mall

~skip to the mall~

We got to the mall we got surrounded by paparazzi. We got through it and got inside. Zach grabbed my hand and took me to pandora. I pulled him out " what are you doing" I said with a confused look. " but my beautiful girlfriend a bracelet is that a problem" he said kissing my cheek. " yes you aren't spending that money on me until we are married besides we are only 15" I said kissing his nose. " fine but I am buying you a pair of shoes at least. " fine" I whined. We went to Aeropostale u got a cute scarf and a couple crop tops. Zach just got a shirt. We went to American eagle I got some ripped high waisted shorts and some socks and a belt. Zach got a pair of shorts and a belt and some bright pink underwear that I made him get. We went to te vans store and Zach got me a pair of galaxy vans and I bought myself a SnapBack and a pair of pink vans. Zach got a SnapBack like mine and a pair of black vans.

We went to this weird store and just walked around until I figure out it was the store where you can customize your own penny board. I smiled and got a penny board I got lie wheels and the actual penny board was zebra print with my name on the bottom while we waited for it to be finished we walked across the mall and went to pink so I could get some perfume. I bought the perfume went back over to the penny boards and got mine. Zach got his and we went to find louis and we left to the concert.

We got to the stadium the guys went on stage and practiced while me and Zach went behind the stadium where all the buses and cars were and rode are penny-boards around the fans saw us and started screaming our names but we ignore them and went on until Zach ran into the car. I started laughing so hard I was about to pee my pants even though I'm telling you way to much information. I rode my penny board over to him and helped him up we went back inside cause the concert was about to start. We sat in a room and waited for everyone. When everyone got here we all said our good licks and they went on stage to start there show.

~ skip to the end of the concert~

The guys all said good bye and jumped off stage. After the concert we got in the cars and went home and sat around for a little bit till we all decided to go to bed we have to get up early for a plane ride to Australia. Can't wait!!

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