A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


26. Fiji Part 3

Harry POV

We have been in Fiji for 5 days. We have gone to the beach and toured around. Today is the girls pick and of course they picked to go shopping. Me and Niall are in a Flat with each other. I got out of bed and got dressed in a simple black shirt and my skinny jeans with my shoes. Niall put on on of his tank tops with jeans and his white Nikes. We brushed are teeth and I did my hair and so did Niall and then we were done.

Louis POV

WERE GOIN G SHOPPING I CANT WAIT!! I'm in a flat with Zayn and Liam. I had my daily carrots and went to my closet and picked out my red and with shirt with some simple skinny jeans and my vans. Liam dressed in a blue plaid shirt and jeans with his white Jordan's. Zayn dressed in his simple black shirt and some skinny jeans and black high tops. We brushed are teeth and did our hair and then we were done.

Now we have to go check on the girls I went to there door and I heard " I can't find my pants" I knew who that was it was my love El. " there on your bed you jack wagon" that was Em. I smiled and knocked on the door.


WE ATE GOING SHOPPING!! Me and the girls got up and ate breakfast an then we got dressed I got dressed in a green hot topic shirt with skinny jeans and brown sandals and left my hair flowy. " Girls where are my pants" I said running around in my pj pants. " there your bed you jack wagon" em said looking so beautiful. Today is the day that we are letting the paparazzi know who Em is so she is wearing a pink flowy shirt with skinny jeans and a gray beanie with pink sandals. Perrie did her make up just like when we went to the beach. Her hair was curled. She looked so pretty I'm jealous when I was young I was even close to being that pretty. ( Now affence to El) We heard a knock on the door. " you girls ready yet" louis said " yea let us get our purses" I said. We got out purses and phones and went in to the hall way and waited for the rest of the guys. We fixed Ems beanie and went into the elevator " Alright Em if you get scared just come find one of us ok" Louis said. She smiled and nodded. We got out and went to the paparazzi. Em was hold Louis's hand and then we heard louis yell " Pay attention we have big news"


I was so scared! When Louis started to speak I gripped his hand and squeezed " Alright this is MY daughter Emily. Just to let you know she is 14 almost 15 not niall's girlfriend and is defiantly not a slut or a whore and if I find out that u send hate to her I will hunt you down and feed u to my dog!" Louis said I smiled and waved to everyone. After that we left to go shopping!

~Skip Car ride~

Me and Niall were in a group to go shopping so first we went to PAC-Sun. I bought a new dress and sandals and a couple pairs of skinny jeans. Niall bought a couple of shirts and some bracelets.

We went to hot topic. I love hot topic! I got some beanies and a really cute t-shirt. Niall got a new shirt on it, it said CRAZY MOFOS on it we laughed and went to Aeropostale for me. I got some be scarfs and some sweatpants and sweat shirts. After that we went to finish line. I got some new tennis shoes and some under armour shorts that are black. And some plain black under armour shirt. Niall just had to get some shorts. After that we went to the food court and had dinner and then we all went home and passed out. I even forgot to text Zach!

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