A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


35. Day 78

Zach POV

It's been 78 days since tour have began. I have had a blast with Emily but there's thing I have not been telling her. I would tell her but I don't have a plane ticket back home. We are in America right now and we have 3 more concerts before we go home. We are in LA right now.

Emily and I are about to go out to lunch at chipotle. We were staying down the street from chipotle so we just rode our penny boards down there. When we got there we ordered and are then we rode our penny boards on the board walk and the sidewalk across the beach. She looked beautiful in the sunset in her black crop top I think it's called and her pink shorts.

Emily POV

I couldn't be happier right now. I'm with the person I love trust and want to spend the rest of my life with. I'm at the beach on sunset riding my penny board happy as ever. Zach and I went down to the shore and took our shoes off and let the water hit our toes. We walked down the beach hand and hand talking about random things.

"Emily can I tell u something" he said to me in a unsure voice

" of course you can"

" I understand if you get mad and don't want to talk to me ever again"

" Zach what are you saying your scaring me" pulling my hand out of his grasp.

He blinked and looked at me and back at the sand. " I'm...I'm cheating on you" he said nice and clear. My heart broke. Into pieces that I didn't even know. " what do you mean your cheating on me" I said shuttering " when we were in Amsterdam I met a girl and we kissed and now we are dating" he said itching his neck. I stepped back and grabbed my shoes looked at him. " I thought I loved you" I said with tears in my eyes " I guess I was wrong" I said walking away.

He sat there just starring at the sand. I nodded my head and grabbed my penny board. I took the sticker off that said 'E+Z= Forever in Love I gave it to him. He took it off his shirt and stared at it. I ran up the beach with tears flowing down the face I rode my board down the sidewalk people were staring at me. I was crying I didn't care. I got to the hotel paparazzi were everywhere. They were asking me questions 'how are the boys' ' where's Zach' ' are you pregnant' I ignored all of them and ran to the elevator.

I went straight to niall's room. I knocked on the door. He opened the door. I was balling my eyes out. I gave him a hug and sobbed into his chest. He picked me up I wrapped my legs around his waist. He took me to the ouch he sat down still carrying me. " what happened Em" he said rubbing my back. "" I said through the tears.

Niall's face got red as if he was mad he picked me up again and took me out in the hallways to Louis's room he opened the door. "Louis come here!" Niall said louis walked in like he was in trouble slow.. He saw me and ran over " what the hell happened" louis said looking at me I started to speak but niall interrupted me. " Zach cheated on her" he said mad. " that ass" louis said taking me out of niall's arms and taking me to the couch. " Em everything will be ok" louis said. " no it won't I loved him with all my heart" I said crying harder. " he's not worth the tears Em". " i wanna go home" I said crying. " I'm sorry Em" he said in a sad tone. " we have 3 more shows then we are done. " no I wanna go now" I said crying. " I wanna go back to the adoption center. I don't wanna be here" I said. " You don't want to be with us" I shook my head " i want a normal life" I said crying. " Em please don't say that" louis said with tears in his eyes.

"Let me go get the lads to say goodbye and we will take you to the airport" louis said wiping the tears. 5 minutes later all the guys were in the room. " what do you mean you want to leave" Niall said fully crying which made me cry even harder " I wanna normal life with normal friends not going all over the world" I said crying " I just wanna go home" " alright fine your coming home with me then" Niall said nodding his head grabbing me taking me to the elevator. " Niall what are you doing" I said crying. "Something to make you stay with us." Niall said as he got out of the elevator. " listen up! I'm quitting one direction. So that means leave my life alone" Niall said crying walking to the elevator "what?! No you can't quit people are counting on you" I said crying and yelling.

" Emily I'm not losing you just because if us being famous" Niall said looking at me. We walked back to louis apartment. To see him there.


CLIFF HANGER! I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my movella I'm thinking of writing another one so I need some ideas with who you want in it from one direction or magcon? If you know what that is! So it can be a best friend story a love story what ever you want it's up to YOU! So leave me comments for what it should be about. Don't for get to like and favorite!

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