A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


32. Airport

Emily POV

"Em wake up its time to go" Niall said kissing my head. I smiled and got up and walked to my closet and put on my grey under armour sweat pants and my blue under armour sweat shirt and but I'm hai in to a ponytail and put in my white head band and put on my tennis shoes.

I walked to the guest room. I woke up Zach by kissing his cheek " Babe time to go" I said smiling " i will be out in a minute" he said kissing my cheek and smiling I smile and walked down stair. " good really morning everyone" they all just waved. The all look like zombies Niall is asleep drewling into his cereal bowl. I laughed and got a apple out of the fridge and made Zach some toast. Zach walked down stairs in a identical outfit like me but his hair isn't in a ponytail and his sweat shirt is a darker blue.

I smiled and gave him his toast and sat down at the table. " where are we going today" I said cause I actually didn't know where we were going. " today we are going to Mulligar, Ireland. We will be staying in about house that Niall's parents own" Liam said walking down the stairs.

I nodded and threw away the rest of my apple and went upstairs to get my bag Zach was right be hind me poking my legs telling me to go fast but I went really slow. I got to my room and Zach went to the guest room and got his bags I pulled my bags out of my closet and dragged it to the hallway waited for Zach. He came out and grabbed my bags " i got it" he said smiling then he kissed me "okay" I said smiling.

" Let's go love birds!" Louis yelled up the stair we smiled and walked down stairs with the bags and put them in the trunk of my the range rover we got in louis car with Louis, El, Harry, and his girlfriend.

~skip to airport~

We sat in the airport for about an hour before our plane came. We got on I sat next to Zach. We cuddled the whole way there i fell asleep on his chest.

~10 hours later~

" Em wake up we are here" Zach said kissing my jaw line. " your chest is so comfortable though" I said sitting up. " you can sleep later babe" he said grabbed my hand pulling me up. We got into the airport and there were fans EVERYWHERE! I had to go pee to. We got through the crowd and we got in to car. Thank god the house is only 20 minutes away.

We got to the house I ran inside and went to every door trying to find the bathroom I found it and did my buisness and went to the living room and Liam was giving everyone rooms "so there isn't enough space for everyone to have a sperate room so Danielle is with me. Emily and Zach have to share a room" Liam said looking at louis. Louis turned to us " if I hear any weird sounds from that room someone balls are getting chopped off and there don't going to be mine" louis said looking straight at Zach. I laughed " ok father" I said pulling my stuff to mine and zachs room. Zach was right behind me. I put my bag in the closet. So did Zach we laid on the bed I cuddled into his chest and turned on the tv. " I could live on your chest" I said laughing.

Zach laughed and kissed my head " sounds fine to me" he said looking down at me. I looked up at him he kissed me. It turned into a intense make out session. I pulled back for air. "Louis would kill us" I said kissing him again. He nodded and watched tv again we fell asleep like that.

We ate dinner and went back to sleep. Tour starts tomorrow!! Can't wait

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