The Boy From Down The Street

Maeve has always been shy and quiet. She only has a few close friends. She's really athletic, and loves to run. One day when she's on her daily run, she meets Louis, the fun loving popular guy from her school. Maeve is hesitant at first, but what will happen when the attraction between them is undeniable?


2. Homework, Dreams, and Tutors

Eva's POV

I sigh, frustrated, and throw my pencil down. I hate math. I put my homework papers back into my backpack and sigh again. This means I have to go to Mr. Richards and tell him I need help. This isn't the first time I have needed help, which probably means I am getting a tutor. Yay. Fun. I walk upstairs, collapse on my bed, and let the tears come.


"Dad?" I say, thrilled. "It's you! It is really you!" My dad laughs. "Yes it's really me, Eva. Oh, I have missed you so much! It's so good to see you!" He wraps his arms around me.

I wake up, heart beating fast. I haven't dreamed about my dad in a long time. I roll over and fall back asleep in no time.


"Eva, I have found you a tutor," says Mr. Richards. "We'll see if he is a good fit, and if he isn't we'll find you someone else." I nod. "Ok." Just then, Louis walks in. He isn't holding any books or papers. I wonder if he got in trouble and is here to serve time. "Eva, this is Louis. Your tutor."

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