Wings Are Made to Fly

Hi! My name is Imogen, and I am 17 years old. I'm an average college schoolgirl whose life got turned around, when my mum's last words led me to becoming a fifth member of Little Mix


1. Part 1

The lights are shining down on me. This is it. This is my big moment. The curtain goes up and the crowd is there. Then the music starts...

I walked up to the school and walked to my first lesson. I'm seventeen years old and in my first year at college. I sat down and got out my books. The teacher handed out marks from our last test. As usual, I flunked. 48%. Not that I cared much. Maths was not my life - music was. I picked up my bag and got out my lyrics book. It is a little green notebook with musical notes on the cover, and in some ways is more personal than my diary. I write my innermost feelings into this. My dad said I was wasting my time with a music career. I thought I was wasting my time with a maths career. Who would hire someone who was getting Ds for their test results?

I opened up my lyric book and looked at my latest song, Into the Sunset. I started it last night, when I was singing to my guitar. It often happens like that. I'm just going along, strumming away, when I start singing and soon it becomes a brilliant piece of music. My mum always says how great I am, and she is who inspires me. Mum's different from Dad. She says that no matter what I decide to do, she will always support me. I thought of how lovely it would be if I became a famous singer-songwriter, and made lots of money so I could treat Mum to say thank you for being so lovely and taking care of me all my life. I'd have done that then if I could, but nowhere seemed to have any jobs left.

"So who can tell me what this is?" Mrs Buxton asked. "Imogen?" I looked up. Some crazy impossible equation was written up on the board.

"Sorry, I don't know," I said. Then all the nerdy brainiacs in the class put their hands up. I left them to it. I could never be good at math. At least I had music later that day.

Last lesson, Music, was brilliant. I was actually allowed to spend the whole lesson singing and finishing off my new song. Mr Simms even came over and said he liked it. I smiled. I liked Mr Simms, a lot, and even though he was about sixty (probably older, like a fossil) he was really kind and a great teacher. He was my first guitar teacher, and look at me now. Right this second. Where I am.

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