But Why Me?!?!?!

This is a fan-fiction on Marcel. I have not done a Harry/Marcel fan-fiction so I thought I would give it a try. Please no hate!! My other 2 movellas are My Princess and JUST JUMP!!!!! Please read them if you have the time.

Luv ya sexy Ninjas!!! xx


2. WOW!!!

Marcel's P.O.V


 I have known Abi for ages. We met when we were 3 but she moved away and she came back a week ago and kissed me today. Everyone was staring at us. I can't believe she is finally mine. I realised I loved her when I let her go 4 years ago. We always stayed in contact. But it was never the same. When she came here a week ago I thought she was gonna stick with the popular kids but she satyed with me. She kept her promise, she will never leave me and she didnt. I love her and I know she is the ONE. My one true love. And I hope I'm hers.


Abi just texted me inviting me to a pool party at her house tonight. GREAT! She is the only person who has seen me in just trunks. I am not shy bout my bady it is just that is you seen it you would think I could stick up for myself but just because I have a six-pack don't mean I can and I like to fight, that is why I let people hit me. I can take a couple of hits.




I just arrived at the party. (Me and Abi are neighbours.)



*Abi kissed my lips*

I heard a couple of whispers when she pulled away but I didnt care.

A: C'mon lets get into the pool.

She said tugging my arm. I let her drag me to the pool. I took off my white tee and jumped in. Shortly after I had someone on my back. I turned my head to see Abi.

A: Hey babe. she said kissing my cheek

she let go and I turned so I was facing her.

M: Hey to you too. i said and kissed her on the lips. We both heard gasps and started laughing.

A: You just had to didnt you

M: Yes and i wanted to kiss you to show the stupid boys  you are mine. Will you be my official girlfriend Abigail Darcy Marie Smith??

A: Yes I would love to Marcel Harry Edward Styles.

And with that we kissed.


Had a blast the rest of the night and Stayed at Abi's my giiirrrllllffrriiiieeenndddd'sss house.

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