But Why Me?!?!?!

This is a fan-fiction on Marcel. I have not done a Harry/Marcel fan-fiction so I thought I would give it a try. Please no hate!! My other 2 movellas are My Princess and JUST JUMP!!!!! Please read them if you have the time.

Luv ya sexy Ninjas!!! xx


1. The Truth!

Abigail P.O.V

 Hey, my name is Abigail but everyone calls me Abi. I hate my name. Always have always will.... Anyway, I just started a new school last week. I have went to this school for a week now. Everytime a walk down the halls, the cheerleaders give me dirty looks and the footballers whistle. I hate the attention.

  "STOP!!! UR GONNA KILL HIM DAMEAN!!! STOP OR I WILL FUCKING MAKE YOU!!"  I screamed at the stupid shit brain (head of the football team) For the second time today he has tryed to beat up Marcel. I ran over to Damean and pulled at his arm


(D: Damean, A: Abi, M:Marcel)




*he hit Abi cross the face!*

*Abi was still standing and laughed then punched him in the face and he fell to the floor*

A: DONT EVER HIT A GIRL. THAT INCLUDES ME!! are you okay Marcel??

M: yeah, thank you. why did you do that? why did you stick up for me?

*his geeking shy voice made my heart melt*

A: because you are the sweetest person i have ever met and you dont deserve it. I tell you this everytime.

M: I dont know why you still help me tho Abi. You dont need to, so why??

*Abi pulled him into a empty class room and kisses him on the lips. He immedately kisses back*

A: does that answer your question. Now common we have class. By the way I love having my classes with you. I sit next to you in all of them. *kisses his cheek and holds his hand. They leave the classroom together and everyone is staring but they dont care. They walk to class together hand in hand.)







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