kidnapped by the boys


2. liam

I could hear faint foot steps coming towards the door they were matching voices to the foot steps they were guys more than one i was scared who might walk in but I needed to know who it was they got closer and closer till I saw the door knob move I desided to pretend to be asleep as they walked in I felt breathing on me as if they were so close I felt a hand touch me on my leg an other put their hands in my hair I opened my eyes to see 5 perfect boys staring at me they stopped as I looked at them they spoke " I'm sorry for what we did your just so beautiful" you heard another person say "not as beautiful as me though" u just say there as they untied u another told u to strip and go take a shower u didnt really know where the shower was but u went along "do I have a private place to get undressed??" I explained how I needed to be alone then a blonde boy led me to the room that looked some what of a bathroom I locked the door and got undressed I went in the shower it felt nice to take a shower I got out I used the towel the blonde gave me as I got out I saw a boy right outside the door he said "hmm goodness ur out I thought u were going to take forever" oh how rude of me come with me ill get u some clothes to put on he gave me a over sized shirt and a pair of boxers "you look hot" "um thanks" he came closer to me I liked it for some reason he came closer to me and kissed my lip lightly he then looked at my face and said " I love u and I know we can't make this work but we have to try" I knew he was right but it felt so right to be with him as we walked out the door he went to this living room I said next to him in my ear he whispered "my names liam".....


as we sat in the living room all the boys stared at me it felt strange I felt like an out cast but I felt a sence of belonging even though I loved Liam I still wanted to be home I knew my mom would be worried half to death my thoughts was interrupted by a voice "so... What shall we do now" I heard one say "I don't know maybe we should go out" another replied "yea we can leave the girl with Liam, Liam u wouldn't mind right" "no not at all" as they walked out the door I thought about what just happened I was happy it happened

Liam's point of view  

I finally had her alone for myself.... All mine hmmm the things we could do in the time..... 

As soon as I knew it Liam took me by the hand and led me into a room as soon as i knew it I was kissing him in the dark I felt his hands touch me it felt so right in a matter of seconds we were rolling on the bed kissing I loved the feeling it was amazing he then took my shirt off he was happy to see I had no bra on while softly sucking on one of my breast he massaged the other I wanted controll so I got on top of him and started to take off his pants to see him getting hard I though to myself as we contuined I kissed him lightly all over his chest and abs but just as we were getting to the best part we heard the front door open

Liam's point of view  

"Oh shit the boys are coming" I heard Louis saying how he forgot his money I knew he was going to come in this room I couldn't just let him see us so I quickly got dressed and dressed her up I then told her to pretend as if we were watching tv as Louis walked in he gave us a strange look but didn't really have time to ask questions "that was close" I tell her she just laughs as if it was funny I guess she thought it was funny in a crazy kind of way before I knew it I started kissing her again she wanted me but I was gonna play hard to get she got mad when I teased her but I had to give in as I looked at her beautiful face it stuned me to see such a beautiful girl like her

I could see Liam looking at me I never could tell what he was thinking I found it funny how we got walked in on but Liam was just too cute as we turned on the tv Liam put toy story on and we watched it until I fell asleep in his large protective arms...............

The next day I woke up on the bed alone I was scared I quickly got up to see how else was awake I saw the blonde eating I also saw Liam I could be Louis telling Liam something and they all come in front of me.... I felt the most horrifying thing ever at once I fell to the floor one of the boys punched me it hurt a lot as on the floor I felt lickings all over I wondered why Liam wasent doing anything to help me but when I went to look at him he punched me... How could he i was upset and angry but I also wondered why??


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