the sad but true life of melaine ortiz


1. my life

even the most important people can turn their backs on you you might think you know a person but you really dont i always thought  if you were someones friend you would look out for them want to help but i guess its not like my mind says it the thing that sucks is that you can trust no one not even the people you think you know.... i just wish things would change would be diffrerent but it wont change its like im stuck in a black hole of hate not able to get out people say its life i say its trust issues i know i get mad easliy but i have my reasons i know im alone with no one with to tale to i just wish i have my friends to help me but no no matter how hard i try to be noticed no one will ever see me im all alone in this world no one who cares people just want to see you hurt they dont really care if your okay or not since they consider me different they dont concider me as human they think im an animal im stuck in this skin forever traped and stuck inside this world an never ending trail of hate and sadness

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