Dancers dream

What would you do if your brother was Liam Payne? What if you became their dancer for tour? What would happen when romance brews? Would you end up hurt? Will you discover a talent you didnt know you had? Would you have time for the growing love? Could you handle the drama? Would you?


20. What did she mean

Louis pov

When she was asleep we all turned to face Liam but seeing as he looked just as confused we started thinking out loud, asking ourselves things no one could answer but her. We didn't want to pressure her too much because nobody had ever seen her cry and when she couldn't even face him so we knew what he did must have been absolutely awful. No one slept, and no one tried. All night we were trying and trying to figure out what exactly she meant when she said he made her stronger. At about 8:00 she came down and all eyes were on her.

Licys pov

When i got down stairs everyone watched me, with looks upon their faces as desperate as if I were a pillow and they had not slept in days. I sat sown avoiding eye contact, knowing I could spill my biggest secret at any second. After a while of just looking at my feet I spoke " I will tell you when I am ready" Liam was first to reply. " Promise?" " Of course". For a while they just played with their phones as I checked Twitter and it was mostly good comments and a few bad ones here and there but one caught my eye" @---------I told you I would find you, and I never lie. Watch your back" I must have started hyperventilating because in a matter of seconds Harry had my phone and was reading the tweet out loud. As soon as he finished everyone was at my side and it was then I knew I had to tell them. Not just for my safety but for theirs." Okay it all started when.................."



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