Dancers dream

What would you do if your brother was Liam Payne? What if you became their dancer for tour? What would happen when romance brews? Would you end up hurt? Will you discover a talent you didnt know you had? Would you have time for the growing love? Could you handle the drama? Would you?


35. Horror film

Liams pov

"So tell me again, when did you have your boyfriend?" " during my school years he was the only one that was nice to me and dad didn't care" " I'm so sorry" "it isnt your guys' faults" after that we kind of just lounged around all day. After Analia got up from her nap we watched a movie. We let her pick and she chose to watch The Lion King.

Licys pov

Analia chose The Lion King. That was my kind of girl, I was a sucker for Disney movies but I was definately tougher than the guys when it came to horror films. If I ever got scared they most likely were all long gone from heart attacks. After the movie we played monopoly until Analia fell asleep. I carried her up to bed surprising the lads because it only took one arm and I was still on crutches. I just laughed because they often forgot the capability of a dancer. I went up the stairs and put my baby girl in her bed. Just looking at her I couldn't wait to  sign the adoption papers. After I got back downstairs we watched Insidious a supposed horrifyingly frightening movie. The lads were all on top of each other looking very weird with their faces nuzzled in their mates neck. You may ask what I was doing alone on the next couch, well I was laughing at those cry-babies. That sounds bad i was laughing at that but what can I say you would have laughed too. Especially if you would have seen their faces when I was laughing and they were  practically in tears begging me to turn it off. I just turned it off and said "don't expect me to save you tonight when the monsters come" they all looked so scared " no please please stay with us please your my girlfriend you have to" Louis said " yeah your my sister your supposed to love me" Liam said I finally agreed and we went to bed.

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