Dancers dream

What would you do if your brother was Liam Payne? What if you became their dancer for tour? What would happen when romance brews? Would you end up hurt? Will you discover a talent you didnt know you had? Would you have time for the growing love? Could you handle the drama? Would you?


40. Doctors orders

Licy's pov

Louis and I made out last night but nothing happened unless you count innocently falling asleep in his arms in our matching Superman jammies. He got them for me... don't worry I haven't completely ditched Batman but he made some good points on why Superman was better. As for the earlier questions about last night we both decided to wait until marriage or at least our 6 month anniversary. Today I have a doctors appointment and maybe if my leg is better I can get the brace off today.______doctors appointment______

Louis pov

" Alright I suppose you can take off the ankle brace walking boot thing but no running or high heels for a month" the doctor said. "Yaaasss thank you omg I promise I wont" Licy screamed. Pshhh she is such a child.... jkjk. " Be careful when you walk or have someone carry you" the doctor said. I proceeded to scream " I volunteer as tribute!!!" Licy just laughed and hopped on my back for a piggy back ride. Soon after we left for Taco Bell Baja Blast Mt.Dews. Then we left for home so she could properly paint her nails since they had been in a cast and all for like 2 months.

Licy's pov

I decided I wanted to go on a movie date with Louis, after texting him from upstairs I put on a orange sweater with the word love written on it in white, some keds, and white short shorts.


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