Dancers dream

What would you do if your brother was Liam Payne? What if you became their dancer for tour? What would happen when romance brews? Would you end up hurt? Will you discover a talent you didnt know you had? Would you have time for the growing love? Could you handle the drama? Would you?


10. Beach celebration

Licys pov

"-going on tour!" The room erupted in cheers. When everyone calmed down Harry suggested we go to our private beach to celebrate. Louis was quick to remind him I couldnt swim. I wasnt about to ruin their fun so I suggested I could get a tan. Everyone agreed and ran to get changed. I quickly grabbed by hot pink bikini. I decided to wear my orange shirt and white shorts with my black gladiator sandals. I decided to put my hair in a fishtail braid. When I went downstairs they were still waiting on Zayn so I played Angry Birds. After about five minutes we were in the car and on the way to the beach and I couldn't help but stare at the shirtless guys, luckily, I didn't get caught. Finally after twenty long minutes of the boys doing weird dances in the car, I was free. I ran and set up my towel. When the boys caught up I asked who wanted to put tanning lotion on my back and Harry and Louis were quick to raise their hands, but after a death glare from Louis, Harry sadly put his hand down. I handed Louis the bottle of lotion and took off my shorts and top, leaving me in a bikini. Begind me i heard wolf whistles i turned around and gave them the finger. Liam gave me a stern look while the others cracked up. I grabbed Louis arm and took him to my towel I layed down and he started slowly rubbing lotion all over my back. Soon everyone except Louis, Zayn, and I were in the water. I insisted Louis swim but he refused so I suggested we build a sand castle. They agreed and we ran to the good sand and started building. When we were done it had three towers and twenty windows. After a few hours everyone was tired so i offered to drive and they all took naps in the back. We passed a McDonalds so I woke everyone up and we got our dinner and went home. It wasnt five minutes after we got in the door and everyone was passed out around the room.

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