The life of a fellow named marcel styles

marcel is a boy who not a lot of poeple like people hate him and bully him but when he meets this girl named isabella everything changes


1. where it all starts

It was almost five I studied the clock it's persistent ticking sound was bothering me I looked at my work by the looks off it it made me giggle this was way too easy for me of course it was a high schoolers work but it felt like a kindergarters work people call me the biggest nurd ever I call it being advanced my mum always told me they're just jealous that they're not as smart as you a loud bell interrupted my thoughts it was time to go home I walk home alone by myself like always I didn't really communicate that much with people only my mum and sister my mom greeted me at the door "how was your day sweet heart?" "Same as always" I replied I walked up the stairs to my room a good book always made me happy I picked out a book out of many on my bookshelf I could feel my eyes getting heavier and slumber took over I woke up same time as always 5:00 I quickly got dressed and did my hair I used my hair gel and favorite blue comb when I was happy with how I looked I ran down stairs my mother had a bowl of cereal set out for me again I walked my self to school I walked to my locker when I felt someone tap me on my back it was a girl she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw then she spoke "um you dropped something when you were walking" it was my math homework "thanks and whom shall be the one I thank?" "Haha" she laughed and she spoke "well my names Isabella, and yours?" Marcel I replied she spoke again " bye marcel talk to you later at lunch" she then walked away why would she like me why? i started to question myself i mean i had no problem with having a friend shes gonna leave once she finds out more about me i walked into poetry i loved it thats the only place i really get to express all my pain and anger i just write the pain its like all the pain and anger that affected me that day just vanisions even if its for one period it still helps me feel a whole lot better about my self i walked into the lunch room i slowly then got to my desired destination my table since everyone hates me i sit alone on a table with no one else as i sit i can tell they are talking about me just about everyone i dont get why is it i never would hurt them at all i just wanted friends i looked at the door anxiously waiting for isabella to walk through the doors and in a matter of fact she did she looked confused into why i was sitting alone but yet she still comes i started to tear up knowing that she wont want to be my friend anymore after she hears about my school life "marcel are you okay?" she asked me i couldnt help it "i know you dont like me anymore im just a nurd that everyone makes fun of and your going to get bullyed too just by hanging out with me i dont know why you even are here..." isabella looked upset but then spoke "marcel i dont care about what the others think im going to stay with you and thats it because my mother always told me to stick up for what i love and thats what im doing" i blushed yet i stoped crying but i was confused did she just she she loved me? she looked at my face to see and expression i showed none she frowed and was about to get up but i stoped her i need her we changed the subject

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