The life of a fellow named marcel styles

marcel is a boy who not a lot of poeple like people hate him and bully him but when he meets this girl named isabella everything changes


3. the recovery

well its been 3 days since ive been in here isabella been checking up on me every few hours and im feeling all better even though i appear to not be a doctor knocks on the door she said she has good news i want to know then she speakes "well marcel looks like they are letting you leave you can back up and proceed home" i was so happy i finally can leave here i got up and packed my mother was getting something to eat so i just packed by myself and went to get some breakfast "hey mum they are letting me leave!!" she seemed really happy "yay marcel you dont know how much we missed you at home" she finishes eatting and we arrive at home the car drive there was kind of scary but oh well at least i get to see my sister and my love i arrive home to not find my sister "gemma were are you" "over here in my room" i walked in to see the hardest think i could even look at my sisters eyes was all puffy from crying and her face had an hand mark she spoke "marcel im so glad your home" i start crying cause then i see her wrists she was cutting "gems what happened i cryed as i started to kiss each and every one of her scars "well jeff came here after you got taken away and he hit me and he did horrible things to me please dont tell mum please i cant let her know "gemma gemma gemma are you saying h-he" "yes" she cut me off i got so mad i threw a chair across the room "gemma how why did he do this how could a guy ever hit a girl its wrong!!!" she started crying again i was so mad i needed to relax i went up to her i kissed her cheek and i said "im going to make this right" i left the room i needed to relax i took my keys and leftmy mum a note

im going to go out ill be back soon i love you and dont worry about me ill be fine everythings okay love you

-your dear marcel

i placed the not on the counter and left i needed to relax i drove far away to this place only i know about it was this little lake and by it was a rock and a weeping willow tree i sat under the tree and looked into the lake i wondered why he would do something like that i was so mad i knew what would make me feel better isabella i called her "hey babe whats up?" "nothing much i just wondered if your free right now i need you" "oh yea i am where are you" i told her where i was she just listened and said she will be here soon i hoped she would come sooner it was taking so long she then arrived and she looked at me i was crying my eyes were all puffy i then spoke......


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