The life of a fellow named marcel styles

marcel is a boy who not a lot of poeple like people hate him and bully him but when he meets this girl named isabella everything changes


2. could it be true?

its almost 5:00 am which means almost time to go to school urg i hate school i just dont find it interesting at all but by going i know ill get to see isabella i ahve feelings for her but she is my first friend i cant just go have a crush on her i get ready same as always and walk to school same as always when im met with these jocks they were waiting for me i reconized one to be my sisters ex boyfriend i hated him for what he did to gemma i still and forever will "hey nurd boy sup?" they said as they closed in on me i knew what was going to happen i hit the floor it hurt i felt the impact on my head like as if it was being crushed i slowly see blackness close in on me as i black out

i hear crying but then i realize its my mother i opened my eyes scared to what i would see all i saw was white every where i looked to the side of me it was an iv "mom where am i and why?" "oh my marcel your awake i didnt want you to see me like this and marcel you must have forgot you hit your head really hard well these boys beat you up one including jeff" "wait what your telling me jeff did this to me wait gemmas jeff?" "yes sweetheart im really sorry i should have been there with you" i look to see what had been done to me the doctor had said i broke a few bones and my nose no wonder my nose hurt to much but she had said i had no brain damagine a doctor walked in "mr styles you are very lucky seems to be your lucky day by the way you had hit your skull when you fell shows that you should have broken a lot and forget all your memory but you got lucky and didnt" she smiled and walked out the room i just wanted to leave this place but interupted by a knock on the door it was isabella "isabella oh dear i didnt want you to see me looking like this" "marcel!! when i heard what happened i drove here right away" tears ran from her face as she looked at me she took a chair and sat right next to me "isabella im glad you came dont leave me" i took her hand and looked into her eyes they sparkled she hugged me and smiled and said "marcel i would never leave you" before i knew it i felt her lips on mine my lips just moved with hers as if i knew what to do the kiss seemed like forever when it finally ended she looked at me my whole face was pink but i smiled she did love me like i loved her "marcel from the first say i met you i loved you and i knew i couldnt tell you but its okay if you dont love me back i just needed to get this off my sholders" i was surprised at what she said i never thought anyone would ever have feelings for me im that boy that no one likes but i think i just found true love "isabella i love you and i always have and always will" she blushed she was beautiful when she blushed i love isabella i love isabella

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