The life of a fellow named marcel styles

marcel is a boy who not a lot of poeple like people hate him and bully him but when he meets this girl named isabella everything changes


4. changes

my eyes were puffy then spoke......

"isabella you know the guys who beat me up on was jeff my sisters ex boyfriend and h- he" i just cryed isabella looked at me and wiped the tears off my face and hugged me i liked that "marcel dont cry you can take your time" "h-he did horrible things to my sister he hit her and" "marcel i know i think i can guess you dont have to say" "isabella i need to do something about it i just can let him do that" my sorrow now turned into anger "how could someone do that to a girl how" i took isabella and kissed her i kissed her untill i felt better she kissed back it felt to right it made me feel happy when we stoped i looked at her in the eyes and said i gotta go so i told her i was leaving and left i thought to myself when i got home i needed to change so i can help and get revenge for him hurting my sister so figured first i could use a makeover i drove to the mall hoping i would see no one that i knew luckly i didnt i went into a clothing store it was big and fancy i never really went to a mall before so all of this was new to me i looked around to find things that the other guys would wear i found some black skinny jeans i really liked them so i took them i then went to go get some shirts i found black shirts i didnt know what would fit so i went into the dressing room since i was tall it was hard but i found clothes i went to go pay it was $30.25 since things were on sale i then exited the store i looked around to find a place to get some shoes i saw a store called shoe world i walked in next i went into the shoe store i found these pointy tip shoes that i liked also some converse the total was $37.35 since converse was already a high price after i payed i decided that was enough for today just enough for the day so  i then went into my car the drive home was long and lonely when i finally got home i tryed on my clothes i loved how i looked i then looked at my hair yuck i hate it i started messing with it my natural hair was curly i liked it but never wore it that was i made my hair curly and put on the contacts i never used i looked how i looked then figured if i want to be feared or fight jeff i needed to be strong i put on some work out clothes and went into the local gym i never went there before i went inside all i smelled was body oder it was nasty i went to the front desk and asked for a memebership the muscular guy laughted at me i knew what he was thinking what is this boy doing here so i answered his question out loud "im here to make a change and change myself" he looked at me embarrased that i knew what he was thinking but he still gave me the form to fill out the form said

name: marcel harry styles

birthday:december 24


sex: male


when i finshed i handed it to the guy behind the desk he still looked embarrassed and said "well good luck kid hope your happy with the changes you make here" and he handed me a card it was shiny almost like a credit card i loved it it had my name on it in sliver and its luster was shiny  i went and looked around in the gym it looked so big and there was mirriors every where also they had all these different things that could be used to tone up the body  i found these 20 lbs weights i stayed there and lifted them for about 20 minutes when i was done i wanted abs so i went and did some sit ups for about 15 minutes untill i was happy at my days work i left yuck i smelled so bad i got into my car and turned on the radio all the songs sucked but then i found and ed serran song i was happy i started singing along the ride home was boring when i did get home i snuck inside so my mum wouldnt see me so i went into the shower and washed my hair i left i curly from this day foward im a new guy marcel harry styles has changed i got out and raped a towel around my waste and sat down on my bed and looked in to mirror i love how i looked it was so different so so me so i got dressed and went to see how my sister was doing she looked at me and he jaw droped she came to me and hugged and kissed me and spoke "oh my marcel you you look hot" she then laughed i giggled and turned pink i walked out the room and said bye gems i went to bed thinking about what ill do tomorrow in the gym i also wondered what jeff would say when he sees the new me i got mad at myself for not being there for my sister i should have been there to help and save her but all that matters is that im here now.....

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