Summer Love

Dominique offers to do hair and makeup for all her cousin's friends at her cousin's birthday. At this party, she meets a couple more people than just fourteen year old girls. Perhaps a boy? Or maybe FIVE boys?


3. Presents

Chapter 3- Presents

Harry's POV

          I could tell immediately who I was looking for in the small crowd.  She was tall but stood small.  She blended in with the background and was hidden by all the young teens more screaming than singing along with us.  I would never have seen her if Taylor hadn't described her practically perfectly.  I sang WMYB directly to her but she hardly seemed to notice.  Her eyes were cloudy and blank.  There was no emotion on her face, except a few wrinkles around the side of her mouth from frowning, worried.  Her lips were chapped and there were obvious pimples and spots on her hairline.  She looked like a kind person that had been hurt too much and had no reason to even try anymore.  My eyes became wet and I turned around as I took a deep breath before continuing with my part of I Would.

           "We need to keep trying.  We need an excuse to stay.  We need to help!" I say behind the curtain that classified this area as "backstage".

I agree, but what can we use, what can we do?" Liam chimed in.  I sigh an lean against a pole behind me, my eyes closing automatically.  I took long, deep breaths and let my mind wander, hopefully to find an answer.


Zayn's POV

          Everyone sat in a circle trying to find a way for us to help her.  I slipped out behind them and made my way to the buffet table where I saw her standing.  She was smiling, but it was easy to see she wasn't truly happy.  After being bombarded and becoming thankful there was only 25 guests, I was finally able to find a place next to the girl Taylor had described.  I wanted to watch her.  She had a beautiful way about her.  She second guessed all of her movements, yet they moved with such fluency, it seemed done purposely.  After a few seconds of my staring she looked at me out of the corner of her eyes, then immediately she turned away.  I felt guilty for making her feel uncomfortable.  Without thinking, my hand reached out and curled around her wrist.  I tugged lightly and whispered as if saying it any louder would let my secret out, "I have something to show you."

          The lads still had their heads together while I led her to our bus, more specifically, my bunk.  I pulled out a photo album from the secret compartment under the mattress.  I scoot closer to her, till there are only three inches between us.  I can feel heat radiating off of her as I slowly open the cover to reveal my secret collection of pictures.  Her familiar face and posture only a hand away from me.  I can't think clearly anymore.  All I see is the picture on the first page.  I had promised myself I would open it when I met her again and that I would be ready.  Unready was hardly a description as emotions, thoughts, feelings all overwhelmed me and my body went crashing onto the floor. 

Harry's POV

           Zayn had snuck away from everyone while we were brainstorming and I knew that he had gone to find her and see what he could do to get to know her better, but I just didn't like the picture in my head of him overwhelming her.  I had  to find that gorgeous girl and convince her of her beauty.


Liam's POV

          We were all sitting here talking, but what about walking the walk?  I had no idea what I would do, what I would say.  I just knew I couldn't sit there anymore and think about what to do.  I had to do something.

          I couldn't find Dominique anywhere.  She was not anywhere in the yard or in the house.  disappointed and discouraged, I went to the bus.  It is the only place I can go where no one would be and no one would ask what was wrong.

           Zayn was sprawled out on the floor while Dominique lie neatly on her back in his bunk, her hands folded over her eyes, a peaceful look on her face for the first time since I first saw her.  A book was sticking out from under the mattress, but I didn't question it.  Dominique's eye's peaked open.  Slowly she sat up and pointed at Zayn.  I knelt down next to him and looked up confused.  She pointed at the book under the mattress and whispered almost inaudibly that he had fainted.

           Zayn had fainted?  Why had he fainted?  Why did Dominique point to that book before she told me that he fainted?  Why was she even in here? why was he in here?  Did she do this to him?  Deep breaths, take deep breaths.  Check to see if he's ok first I told myself.  My fingers went towards his neck and she started laughing quietly behind me.  Unable to control my anger I turned around and snarled in her face, "You just wish you had friends that would care this much about you," but it did not get the reaction I was hoping for.  She didn't look hurt, she didn't try to deny or confirm.  She didn't really move at all.  She just laughed a little bit more.  I was enraged! How dare she!  What I was so mad at her about I had no idea, but she was going to get hit from all the anger building up between my bones throughout the tour.  Anything at our managers, paparazzi, our opening scene guys, even Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Niall.  I recoiled.  I should not put all my emotions together and set out to get her.  Strangely, she had a calm and relaxed face.  Careful not to disturb the newly found silence I sat down next to her and whisper-asked if he was going to be ok.  She looked back at me startled.

Dominique's POV

           There was a whisper next to my ear, slowly I turned to face the owner of the whisper.  My heart skipped a beat as I realized how close I was to a boy.

           I felt drunk, I couldn't think, my mind was racing, but it was blank.  I hardly realized what I was doing as I told Taylor I was leaving, then pulling and being pulled we backed up into my guest room.  All I could do was keep attacking his mouth with mine as his hands rubbed and massaged my back, waist, hips....


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