Summer Love

Dominique offers to do hair and makeup for all her cousin's friends at her cousin's birthday. At this party, she meets a couple more people than just fourteen year old girls. Perhaps a boy? Or maybe FIVE boys?


1. Birthday Girl


Chapter 1- Birthday Girl

Taylor's POV

           An alarm burst into life at 7:45.  It was not warning me about school or a hair appointment like usual, it was for my birthday.  I was turning fourteen.  Like always I had planned a spectacular party, Daddy could be trusted with everything else.  He was good at getting everything done the day of my party, with a list of what I wanted in his hand. I couldn't ask for a better father.  Usually I could ask for a lot, but I had way too much to do and way too much riding on this.  She would not expect what I was about to do, but I am determined not to let it fall through.  I would not fail again.  I would not fail on her like I failed on my mother.  In order for it to work, I had to pretend to still be my shallow, unaware, usual self.....

           "Tay-Tay!" screamed Vanessa through my phone and I had to move it away from my ear as she sang Happy Birthday to me.  I laughed as I heard her brother shout at her to shut up in the background.

"So, what are you asking for this birthday, bitch?" I thought for a sec and screamed, "Duh slut! I want a bedroom makeover and the new Marc Jacobs bag before anybody else," I rub in her plastic face as I try to pick which stilettos match my leopard print romper and black leather jacket.  Even though I was fourteen and lots of people were uncomfortable with how I dressed, I know its only because I'm way hotter than they'll ever be or have ever been. Plus, if I have the money to do it I should be able to do it.  When my mother died two years ago Daddy started spoiling me because  he feels bad, but it doesn't matter because I'm a Daddy's Girl anyway. 

"So, what are you doing to make this a special birthday?" Vanessa asked knowing that my birthdays were always a party to remember.  Most girls in my grade and school had stopped having birthdays when we turned eight because no one would show up and if they did, all they would talk about was my party.

"Well hun, if you're here in 5 minutes you can watch and learn!" I say excitedly. "Call Aud and Charlie too," I add before hanging up and sighing. Quickly, I change into my designer denim shorts and slip on a designer tank top but keep the leather jacket.

"Looking for these?" I hear a voice ask behind me.


Dominique's POV

           "Looking for these?" I ask my favorite (and only) cousin while holding up her mother's designer leather boots that came halfway up her shin and have a four inch heel.  Suddenly I am tackled and the boots thrown, forgotten. 

"AHHH YOU CAME! YOU CAME!" Taylor screams.  "I'm glad I did!" I answer with a smile as she hugs me again.  She pulls my hand and drags me into her insanely big bathroom and sits down in a chair in front of her "Hair Mirror" and I get to work.  She has naturally super curly hair which she usually calms with gel because the only person she trusts to do her hair is me.  I combed through it with my fingers, then took her brush and brushed down the lowest layer, the straightener right behind the brush.

           I'm just finishing with Taylor's makeup when the door bursts open and three out of breath girls shove their way in.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!!!" they scream in unison and push me out of the way as they get to their best friend.  I smile sadly, slowly back up, and quietly slip out through the door, not wanting to get in the way of their celebration.

          I join my uncle in the kitchen and start helping immediately.  Taylor's birthdays are always something to remember, but that means that her dad has to work extra hard for everything to be perfect.  I put in my earbuds and turn up my music before going out to their backyard.  On my way out, I grabbed pieces of the stage that the band of Taylor's choice was going to perform on tonight.  The heavy wood clicked into place at last, but even though I was done with one "mission" I could not stop to rest.  I set up tables all over the yard and grabbed flowers from their carefully groomed garden and placed them in the middle of the tables.  Next I showed the caterers where they would set the buffet up.  There was a bar next to the buffet table and after dragging bags filled with non-alcoholic drinks, I finally could catch my breath for a minute.  Only a minute.


Harry's POV

          I had just gotten a call about a private concert we were going to perform tonight and was really surprised.  We hadn't done a private concert in a year and a half, we were just too famous for it to be safe.  Also, I was pissed.  Who the hell thought that we could be prepared let alone GOOD in the amount of time we had to rehearse.  I called the boys into my bus as we turned around and headed towards the private concert.

         My headphones were on and my eyes were closed as I lied down on my bunk, humming and rehearsing for this evening.  We had decided on a semi-normal set list, of course with personalization between songs as this was a private performance.


Dear Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn,

           Hello, I'm sure you would like to know about the concert you will be giving tonight.  You will be the band performance at Taylor's fourteenth birthday.  She has twenty-five guests, all females of the same age.  You will start at 8:45 sharp, but are asked to arrive at exactly 8:15 to give the birthday girl some time to meet you.  If you have any questions, contact Dominique, her email is .  She will meet you when you arrive.  Thank you! Simon and the crew

I sighed again, but plugged in Dominique's email, knowing I would need it soon.


Liam's POV

           I finished reading the email and started going over my parts again.  No matter who this girl was, she deserved a great birthday.  I'm not completely sure I agreed with her being this spoiled though.  The sound of I Would filled the silent air around my bunk, my voice cracking from overuse but still heart meltingly warm and deep.


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