Summer Love (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Summer had just started, and McKenna wanted this summer to be one she'd never forget. She'd never thought it would actually happen. Until one day she DMed this one Irish guy, from a boy band & he answered. She'd never thought she'd fall in love, especially with who she did. Or was it just a fling? A summer romance? That's what she thought, but not him.


2. Twitter Messages!

I was sitting in the last class of the day until summer officially started. As i watched the clock tick, i was in a day dream about what was gonna happen this summer. All of my summers have been extremely lame, but I'm determined this years will be fun and adventurous. See as how I'm gonna be a senior next school year, I want this to be a summer I'll never forget.

I was snapped out of my day dream by the school bell ringing. It's officially summer. Everyone started screaming and throwing paper everywhere. I just laughed, and made my way through all of them. I finally reached the front doors of the school, only to be greeted by my two bestfriends, Aubree and Peyton. We started walking home, and there was an awkward silence. After about two minutes, Aubree broke the silence. I'm surprised she was quiet as long as she was, the girl don't know how to shut up half the time. But, i love her to death. 

"So, McKenna, what are you doing this summer?" she asked.

"I don't know. I might see if I can take a trip to Australia." i answered.

"OOOOH! If you do, can i come with?" she asked, jumping up and down, once we reached my house.

I laughed at her. "Yes, Aubree. What would Australia be without my bestfriend?"

She laughed. "Thanks, McKenna!" she screamed in my hear, while hugging me. "I'll see you tomorrow, bye." 

"Bye Aubree." i said, then turned to Peyton. "You're coming tomorrow to, right? i asked.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." he said, smiled then hugged me. 

I smiled. "Bye Peyton." i said letting go.

"Bye McKenna." he said, then walked off. 

I walked upstairs and sat down on my bed with my laptop. I logged on to my Twitter and started scrolling through my feed. One particular tweet caught my eye.

'I HAVE ONE DIRECTIONS NUMBER! HERE THEY ARE: Harry's -> 635-2969; Liam's -> 635-4162; Zayn's -> 635-1836; Niall's -> 635-8961; Louis' -> 635-5377' (I MADE UP ALL OF THESE NUMBERS!!!!!!)

Why would come do that? tha't their private number. Now a whole bunch of fan girls are going to be texting them none stop. I was pretty ticked off. I wouldn't wnt someone to do that to me.

Just then I remembered that Niall follows me. I quickly went to his page and typed up a DM,

'Um, I'm sure you won't get this, but i just wanted to tell you that someone if giving out you and your band members phone numbers. I just wanted to warn you before people started to blow up ya'lls phone and could change ya'lls number. :)'

and pressed send.

"McKenna, dinners ready!" i heard my dad yell from downstairs.

I logged off and went downstairs and ate. I quickly put my dishes in the sink and ran upstairs. I changed into my pajamas and got in bed. Once i got comfortable, i felt my phone vibrate. I groaned and picked it up. I hit the home button to make it light up. Once i did, i read the notification. It said i had a DM on Twitter. I unlocked my phone and clocked on my Twitter app. Once it loaded, i went to my profile and clicked on my DMs. I blinked a few times to make sure i wasn't seeing things. Nope, it was real. I had a DM from, wait for it, Niall Horan.


Ok, so, this is my new story. I hope you like it. If so, comment & vote for it so i know ya'll like it & i'll update. :)

xxx Shelby

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