Summer Love (Niall Horan fan fiction)

Summer had just started, and McKenna wanted this summer to be one she'd never forget. She'd never thought it would actually happen. Until one day she DMed this one Irish guy, from a boy band & he answered. She'd never thought she'd fall in love, especially with who she did. Or was it just a fling? A summer romance? That's what she thought, but not him.


3. Niall Horan ♥

I was in shock. I can't believe Niall Horan actually answered my DM. 

I was snapped back into reality from my phone lighting up, and telling me I had a text from Peyton. I ignored it and started typing a DM back.

(N=Niall ; M=McKenna)

N: 'Oh my gosh, wow, thanks so much! This means a lot! I don't know how to repay you!'

M: 'Hey, no problem. I mean, if I was in the worlds most famous boy band, I wouldn't want random people giving out my number and fan girls texting me non-stop. And you don't have to repay me, I was just doing waht nice people do. Haha.'

N: 'Haha. Well, i want to repay you. Tomorrow me and the boys are changing our numbers, and i would like you to have mine. I know it's not much, but I would really like to be friends. :)'

M: 'Wow, um, ok. I mean, if it's not a bother. I would love to be friends too! :)'

N: 'Haha, it's not really. Well, i have to go, i'll talk to you tomorrow, love. :)'

M: 'Ok. Bye.'

After I sent it, i exited and put my phone down. I was replaying the whole conversation in my head, while I lay in bed starring at the ceiling. Wow, I was actually talking to Niall Horan. He was giving me his phone number and he wanted to be friends with me. He also called me 'love.' I smiled, but it quickly disappeared. But, why? Why does he want to talk to me? Why does he want to be friends with me? I'm nothing special. I'm just... me.

I sighed and rolled over on my side. I kept thinking about him and why he wanted to be my friend. Slowly, but surly, my eyes started getting heavy and i drifted into a deep sleep.

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